LIVE from the Final 4 at Road Atlanta

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Tuerck vs. Forsberg. Tuerck makes a small correction in the 2nd run. Forsberg moves to the Finals.

Maeng vs McNamara. Joon Maeng calls 5 mins. McNamara edges out Maeng. McNamara moves into the Finals.

Consolation Round for 3rd Place. Maeng vs. Tuerck. Great battle that leads to a One More Time. Another great battle leads to a second One More Time. Maeng goes wide on the first run. Tuerck gets 3rd place after Maeng corrects on the 2nd run

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LIVE from the Great 8 at Road Atlanta

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Ryan Tuerck vs. Ken Gushi. Gushi had understeer issues. Tuerck moves to the Final 4.

Chris Forsberg vs. Tyler McQuarrie. The battle of the 350Zs. Chris Forsberg advances to the Final 4.

Patrick Mordaunt was DQ’d. Joon Maeng takes his spot against Justin Pawlak in the Great 8. Close battle. The judges call a One More Time. Pawlak spins while leading on the first run. Joon Maeng advances to the Final Four.

Darren McNamara vs. Robbie Nishida. Nishida spins on the 1st run. Darren McNamara moves on to the Final 4.

Round 2: Proving Ground Top 16 LIVE

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Tony Brakohiapa vs. Justin Pawlak. Tony B makes a correction while giving chase to JTP. Justin Pawlak makes it to the Great 8.

Darren McNamara vs. Ross Petty. Ross Petty spins out into the kitty litter on the first run. A close 2nd run, but Darren McNamara moves on.

Rhys Millen vs. Robbie Nishida. Close first run. Nishida makes a large gap while Millen gives chase. Nishida makes it into the Great 8.

the lights are on at Road Atlanta (photo updates might not be the best quality moving forward with the night event)

RD 2 LIVE Top 16 from Road Atlanta

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Samuel Hubinette vs. Chris Forsberg. Both runs were really close and the judges give it a One More Time. In the One More Time battle, Sam Hubinette sets the highest speed of the day with 87.8 mph. After the judges each voted differently which leads to the 2nd and final One More Time for this round. Hubinette runs into the side of Forsberg. The judges award the victory to Forsberg because of the collision.


Joon Maeng vs. Pat Mordaunt. Joon spins in the first run, while leading. Mordaunt moves on to the Great 8.


TOP 16 Road Atlanta LIVE

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The battle of the Scions with Ken Gushi and Tanner Foust battling it out. Tanner Foust spun chasing Ken Gushi and Gushi advances to the Great 8.


Ryan Tuerck and Vaughn Gittin battle in a close heat. Tuerck proves why he is the Formula DRIFT points leader and a beats out Gittin, when Gittin made a correction while chasing the Solstice.

Tyler McQuarrie vs. Ryuji Miki. McQuarrie moves on after Miki spins out.

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