Singapore Day 4 – It’s Still Hot Here

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So, we are entering day 4 here in Singapore, which for the U.S. boys is really day 6 when you consider the traveling and what not. My slowly diminishing number of photos in comparison to the other days is a direct reflection of the event days getting crazier and us getting more tired. The feeling of being here in this amazing country is slowly being taken over by the fact that when we get back to our hotels and hit the pillow, it’s an extremely quick fade to black operation.

That being said, today is game day and we have seen some really good drifting. This track is very challenging for the drivers as it has a little bit of World Championship, a little bit of Long Beach and a little bit of Atlanta all in the same track as Andy and I were talking about yesterday. Our number 1 qualifier was Miki but Djan is showing signs that he is not messing around either. His first qualifying run was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen pretty much ever, but he just could not quite pull off the angle and had to settle for a more conservative second run.

Anyway, should be a great day!

Video of Djan Entry. I messed it up because I was so excited, but you’ll get the idea.

Singapore – Tenku Djan Entry Qualifying from Formula DRIFT on Vimeo.

or link if that doesn’t work:

Singapore Day 3 – Jim, Ryan, Jarod, Dai and now Andy Yen Adventures

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Day Three – It’s still hot and humid, but we are all getting use to it. The track is finished and all the grandstands are installed. The cars teams have rolled in and we had media day as well as final touches on the track clipping points by master “track layer outer” Andy Yen and of course Dai. Always fun watching Dai drive, a real talent for sure. Dai is amazingly popular here, just as he is in the states. It seems to be even more crazy here as where ever we go people are always stopping him and taking photos, etc etc. Pretty cool. I am stoked for him.

Ok, day four began 20 minutes ago…. off to the venue for practice and qualifying

Singapore Day 2 – Jim, Ryan, Jarod and now Dai.. and team

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So day 2 has arrived and we had a nice long day. We first met Dai in the morning for breakfast and then off to the track which is the actual F1 street circuit in Singapore. It’s unreal to see the facility, the setting and the overall vibe this venue is unto itself. Simply amazing.

After the track walk we went off to explore Singapore and eat…. We seem to do a lot of that here and when you are in this environment, you just go for it.

Ok, off to the track. More tomorrow….