Formula DRIFT Continues Partnership with GoPro for 2015 Season

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Formula DRIFT Continues Partnership with GoPro for 2015 Season


Long Beach, Calif. – March 31, 2015 – Formula DRIFT and GoPro continue their partnership for the 2015 season. GoPro will remain the exclusive and official camera partner for the Series.

“The partnership with GoPro has helped elevate the fan experience through their state of the art technology,” said Ryan Sage, vice-president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “Fans can now feel like they are sitting shotgun for a ride-along, see the vantage point from a clipping point, and watch on television and online some of the most captivating and dynamic content produced with the HERO line of cameras.”

GoPro, maker of lightweight, wearable and gear-mounted cameras that transform the way consumers and professionals capture and share meaningful content, is the exclusive on-car and in-car camera during official competition. As the official camera, GoPro enables Formula DRIFT to offer its fans an immersive, unique experience that enhances the excitement of the Series. The versatility of the HERO line of cameras allows for angles and perspectives otherwise unattainable.

Additionally, GoPro has provided the judges of the series more perspectives and insight helping them to review the performance and evaluate the competition.

“Formula DRIFT and GoPro are the perfect combination to showcase the talent of these skilled drivers. The immersive capability of the camera and the incredible action on the course makes for unreal content for both fans and newcomers to the sport to enjoy,” said Rod Rojas, Motorsports Marketing Manager at GoPro.

CGR Partners with Replay XD and Always Evolving for 2015 Formula DRIFT Season

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Press Release: CGR Partners with Replay XD and Always Evolving for 2015 Formula DRIFT Season


Long Beach, CA – March 19, 2015 – Conrad Grunewald Racing is set to enter the 2015 Formula DRIFT Championship season with the announcement of a new partnership for the No. 77 Chevrolet Camaro with Replay XD and Always Evolving.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this Formula DRIFT season getting started,” said Conrad Grunewald. “We have been working tirelessly during the winter to put this program together and I can’t thank everyone enough. We have exciting new partners, a fresh look for the team and now it’s time for me to focus on Long Beach and the season ahead.”

“As we continue to develop our Motorsports platform, we couldn’t be more pleased to be associated with Conrad and Formula DRIFT,” said Erik Davis, Chairman Always Evolving. “The platform is exciting and targets the millennial audience which is our target market for both of our brands – AE and Replay XD. We look forward to continuing to develop this relationship with Conrad and the series bringing a unique experience to the fans though our technology suite.”

The ReplayXD/Always Evolving Camaro will be signed up to compete on GT Radial tires for the 2015 season. The CGR team is confident about the performance and reliability package that GT Radial provides.

“I am very excited to welcome CGR to the GT Radial formula drift team for 2015,” said Mike Meeiem, Motorsports Marketing Manager, Giti Tire USA. “We were very comfortable with signing on the veteran driver. We are looking to make an impact in the series this year using our Champiro SX2 tire.”

Conrad Grunewald Racing has unveiled a project build drift car with Chevrolet Performance and Scoggin Dickey Parts Center. With support from BRE Motorsports, the Chevrolet Camaro features a twin-turbo with an LSX 376. This second car will be used for media and event appearances and will be on display at all seven of the Formula DRIFT events at the CGR paddock.

The highly anticipated season will kick-off on the Streets of Long Beach on April 11 and will visit six other venues nationwide, including Road Atlanta, Orlando Speedworld, Wall Speedway New Jersey, Evergreen Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway and the big finale at Irwindale Speedway on October 10.

Formula DRIFT has announced a television agreement with CBS Sports Network for 20 half-hour programs throughout the year. The fast paced action featuring bracketed head-to-head match-ups will anchor the coverage and be featured across 13 episodes. Coverage also includes an additional seven shows featuring a brand new behind-the-scenes program, Formula DRIFT Insider.

Conrad Grunewald Racing is also proud to continue partnerships with Megan Racing, Top 1 Oil and MAHLE. For more information on CGR please visit and follow @ConradGrunewald on Twitter and Facebook.

About Replay XD:
Replay XD was designed by a group of racing professionals with over 50 years of experience in the high performance racing industry. The development team forever revolutionized Action Cameras, creating the smallest, lightest, ultra-rugged, and most versatile cameras. Replay XD Action Cameras endure and capture never before seen video from human and machine in the most extreme environments on Earth. We create the finest Action Cameras on the Planet. For more information visit,

About Always Evolving:
Always Evolving Enterprises (AE) is the next generation digital broadcast media company for the hyper-connected world. As an iconic lifestyle brand with deep roots in entertainments and motorsports, Always Evolving has been featured in major motion pictures; broadcast television programming, leading print sources and numerous news articles since 2007. Building on this early success, Always Evolving has developed into a multifaceted provider of hardware, software and data infrastructure solutions that is actively changing the way live events are captured and shared. For more information please visit,

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April 2nd TND

Thursday night April 2,  Irwindale’s own Formula DRIFT open practice sessions will resume on the course that the entire civilized world now knows as the legendary “House of Drift” … aka: Irwindale Speedway right at the top of the 605 freeway.

2015’s action-packed Thursday night under-the-lights practices will be held monthly with events now set for:

  • April 2
  • May 14
  • June 11
  • July 19
  • August 13
  • September 10
  • October 1
  • November 12
  • December 10

Each of the Thursday night sessions will start with a (public invited) technical inspection for the competition vehicles at 4PM and drift practice will run flat out from 5 to 8PM. The fan gates open at 4PM and there’s plenty of close-free parking.

 Open to the public (fans can watch from the stands and visit the pits as well) admission is only $10 per person. These will be nights when fans can see some of the best of the best getting tuned-up for the 2015 season as well as catching the acts of some of new, upcoming Drift talent as they test their driving skills and machines against the established pros.

 Anyone can run their properly-equipped* car for $75 and they can register right at the track on Thursday night.

Thursday Night Drift Requirements


 Group C Requirements:

  • Helmet: No open face, SA2010, SA2005
  • No loose items: Interior, trunk
  • Fire Extinguisher: secure mount, 2lb min
  • Fluid Leaks: No Fluid Leaks
  • Catch cans: Coolant, Oil if non OEM
  • Gas Cap: Present and sealed
  • Fuel line: check hose clamps and fittings
  • Battery: Secure mount, positive covered
  • Brake light: Min 2 functioning
  • Brake pedal: good feel maintain pressure
  • Key or Master cutoff operation, location marked
  • Lug nuts: Present and secure
  • Steering: Smooth, no binding
  • Tow hooks: Front and rear (OEM at own risk)
  • Hood and Trunk: Securely latched
  • Windshield: OEM or Lexan secure mounting
  • Seat: OEM with stock belts or FIA with harness


Group B Requirements: plus listed above

  • Suspension: Coilovers or Non OEM suspension
  • Differential: Welded or clutch type
  • E-Brake: Functioning, cable or hydro


Group A Requirements: plus listed above

  • 6 point roll cage: 5”x0.095 DOM
  • Door Bars: Nascar or X on both doors
  • Harness bar and Diagonal
  • Seat belts: 5 point minimum required
  • Fire Suit: SFI 3-2A/5 with fire resistant gloves and shoes

For Technical Inquiries: [email protected]


Ford Returns as Official Partner of Formula DRIFT

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Ford Returns as Official Partner of Formula DRIFT;
Introduces Formula DRIFT Media Center Powered by Ford Performance


Long Beach, Calif. – March 19, 2015 – Ford has expanded its involvement in professional drifting as an official partner of Formula DRIFT with the introduction of the new Formula DRIFT Media Center Powered by Ford Performance. The center will be available to all credentialed media guests and will feature amenities such as lockers, refreshments, working space, and live streaming broadcast, and will debut at Round 1: Streets of Long Beach on April 10-11.

“We are excited to have Ford back in the series as an official partner and even more excited in their initiative and investment that will help introduce a brand new media center to our sport,” stated Ryan Sage, co-founder and vice-president of Formula DRIFT.

Ford will have significant presence at events with displays in the vendor paddock and signage throughout the venues. Ford will continue to make an impact on the track supporting drivers Vaughn Gittin, Jr., the 2010 Formula Drift champion, and Justin Pawlak.

The Formula DRIFT Media Center Powered by Ford Performance will be a custom media center that will travel to all seven rounds of the Formula DRIFT Championship. The new media center will also include WI-FI, a food and beverage area, and two on-site media managers. A photo rendering of the media center is below.


“We’re proud to support the journalists and media guests with an on-site place they can consider ‘home’ while working Formula DRIFT events. They have a tough job to do and we are confident the enhanced media center will help them do it even better,” said Mickey Matus, Marketing and Communication Manager at Ford Performance. “Our partnership with this series is key to connecting with its young audience, and it’s a relationship that we value highly. We’re really looking forward to this expansion of the partnership.”

Tickets are now available for Round 1: Streets of Long Beach on April 10-11, including reserved seating, 2-day ticket packages, and VIP tickets and can be purchased through, Ticketmaster outlets, and the Long Beach Convention Center box office.