Hibino’s Formula Drift Japan GT-R

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My next spotlight from the recent R’s Meeting takes us from a built-up drag R33 to anothersan-san, this one transformed into a drift machine.

This is Tetsuya Hibino’s Formula Drift Japan machine, which I can safely say looked like nothing else in the Fuji Speedway paddock on the day.


Built by Rush Motor Sports in Gifu Prefecture, it’s the first pro-spec drift car I’ve ever seen based on a BCNR33 chassis. The exterior mixes a stock look with factory front and rear bumpers and massively widened front fenders to accommodate a huge amount of steering angle.


The R33 sits on Mikado Hayabusa wheels, which look very different to any design we’ve ever seen come out of Japan in the past.

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Through My Lens: Drifting In Canada By Larry Chen

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Last year I took the trip over the Montreal for Formula Drift Canada not really expecting anything out of the ordinary. After all, I’ve shot drifting all over the world, so what could be so special about one event at a tiny track?

I was blown away. Autodrome St-Eustache is an amazing track and the Canadian drifters have so much style and love for the sport. But that’s not what surprised me the most.


The fans are what really blew me away. It could be because the event itself is not terribly far from the city of Montreal, but let me tell you, these guys and girls were rowdy. I swear, the line to get in was at least half a kilometer long. The parking? Forget about it. It spilled out onto the streets of the tiny city and when the event was over it created an epic traffic jam that took almost two hours to clear. Outside the venue the fans would camp for the entire weekend, which of course reminded me of the Gatebil crowd.


I wanted to share with you guys a collection of my favorite images from the event that I think portray it visually. Here are 60 photos, in no particular order, through my lens.

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