Ryan Tuerck and Gumout Join Forces in 2016

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Ryan Tuerck’s 900hp Gumout Scion FRS will have a new look for the 2016 Formula Drift Series season.  Gumout Performance Additives announced they will be a primary sponsor, bringing their sister company Black Magic Car Care along for the ride as well.

 “It’s pretty cool to go into the year with a company like Gumout behind me.  We’re both pumped to be working together, this is going to be fun,” said Tuerck, Formula D winner at Orlando in 2015.  “They’ve really gotten in to their Formula D program and want to do even more moving forward, so to get behind me and the Scion and what I’ve been trying to build here, I couldn’t be more stoked to get going.  We had a great year last year, we were in the championship fight at Irwindale; that only pushes us this year to take it a step further.”

Gumout and Ryan Tuerck will release the 2016 Gumout livery later in February, ahead of the Formula Drift series opening event in Long Beach, California.

 “We’re spending some time on the car design and how we release it,” Tuerck explained.  “We’ve got some ideas we’re throwing around right now for Gumout, some good stuff, so we’ll keep everyone posted when we let it all out.  

“As for the Formula D and the season, the car itself really got sorted out last year, so this off-season we’ve worked on making more power, but also keeping the reliability that was so key last year.  It’s tough, as the tires gain more and more grip each year, we have to make more and more power to drift.”

 Gumout’s line of science-based performance fuel additives will back Tuerck’s run at the Formula Drift championship this year showing the Drift community how keeping engine parts clean is key to having a high performing engine.

“Gumout has been providing solutions to fuel related problems since  World War 2 and we continue to do that today by producing cutting edge fuel additives,”  said Rusty Waples at Gumout. “What we love about Ryan is that he’s a gearhead on and off the track, and that means he’ll be the ultimate voice of the Gumout brand to the drift fanatics.

“We both share a passion and that is that we only settle for the best of the best; for Ryan that’s using the best parts & products that have been tested and proven to perform on the track. For Gumout it’s about quality formulations that have also been tested and proven in the lab, on the street and on the track. We truly mean it when we say Science In. Performance Out.

“It’s all on our website, so we welcome everyone to learn our history and be a part of our future.”

Visit www.gumout.com to learn more and follow us on the Gumout Channel on YouTube for Ryan Tuerck and Formula D content throughout 2016. 


ROUSH Performance Motorsports: On the Grid Across the U.S.

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ROUSH Performance Motorsports: On the Grid Across the U.S.

ROUSH will field NASCAR Xfinity, drag, drift and road racing programs for the 2016 season

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP, MICH. (February 16, 2016) — From Long Beach to Austin to Daytona, race teams backed by ROUSH Performance are ready to tear into this year’s season. ROUSH Performance will sponsor racing efforts that span the gamut from road racing to drag racing to NASCAR to drifting.

“Our company was founded on a passion for performance,” said Jack Roush Jr., race car driver and brand manager for ROUSH Performance. “What better way to showcase this passion and capability than to put ourselves to the test across vastly different forms of racing.”

Ready for NASCAR’S Green Flag

ROUSH Performance teams up with Darrell (Bubba) Wallace Jr. this year in the NASCAR Xfinity Series beginning with the season-opener in Daytona. Wallace, 22, was named to Ebony magazine’s 2015 Power 100 and listed in Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 Sports list in 2014. 

In his Xfinity Series rookie season, Wallace drove his Ford Mustang to a seventh-place finish in the point standings. “It’s all about execution this year,” Wallace said. “We will work hard and be sure to put ourselves in position each and every weekend.”

Pawlak to Push Drifting’s Limits

Justin Pawlak will fly the ROUSH Performance flag in drifting’s Formula D series. Pawlak is counting on his aggressive but smooth driving style to put him at the top this season, which opens in Long Beach on April 8.

Pawlak is a hands-on driver, who does his own mechanical, fabrication and suspension work. This year, he will showcase his prowess in a 2016 ROUSH Supercharged Mustang with a Ford Performance Aluminator crate engine. The race car pushes out almost 1,000 horsepower and 831 lb-ft of torque. “It’s a really solid platform using factory components,” Pawlak said.

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Long Beach, Calif. – February, 17, 2016 – Formula DRIFT has announced a new partnership with South Korean based technology company Pittasoft Co., Ltd., owners of the leading dashboard camera brand BlackVue. The three-year agreement names BlackVue as the “Presenting Sponsor and Official Dashcam” for the Series.

“This new partnership with BlackVue poses very interesting developments for the series,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “BlackVue has chosen Formula Drift to be a key partner as it expands its operations in the US. They will leverage the full marketing potential of the series to educate the consumer about the value of dashcams and their cutting edge technology. We are very excited to get working with this new partner and look forward to many more developments over the term of this deal.”

Dashboard cameras have become an integral part of aftermarket automotive upgrades in most parts of the globe and the US is the slated for prime growth in this category. Drivers want the ability to have a video record of traffic accidents, police interactions, and fun moments behind the wheel that only a dashcam can provide. The ‘Always On’ nature of a dashcam combined with the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) technology from BlackVue’s Over The Cloud system enables in-app viewing of any networked dashboard camera.

“We are dedicated to providing the ultimate vehicle video protection, as well as the possibility for drivers to keep an eye on their car from anywhere with their phone”, said BlackVue founder and CEO, Hyunmin Hur. “As such, we found Formula DRIFT as the perfect venue to connect with car enthusiasts. Plus, motorsports don’t get any cooler than that. We can’t wait for April!”

The first round of the 2016 season kicks off in less than two months. Tickets are now available for Round 1: Streets of Long Beach on April 8-9, including reserved seating, 2-day ticket packages, and VIP tickets. Tickets can be purchased through www.formuladrift.com, Ticketmaster outlets, and the Long Beach Convention Center box office.

For more information visit: www.formuladrift.com and find Formula DRIFT on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Tune into Formula DRIFT on CBS Sports and check your local listings for airtimes.

Official Statement Regarding Scion Announcement

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Formula DRIFT would like to thank all the great people behind the Scion brand for their support of Formula DRIFT and sport of Drifting.  We are looking forward to the upcoming season to see if Scion can close it out with another driver & manufacturer championship.  Since entering Formula DRIFT in 2008, Scion has racked up 28 podiums, 10 competition wins, 1 driver championship (Aasbo, 2015) and 2 manufacturer championships (2014 & 2015).

Scion Brand to Transition to Toyota

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TORRANCE, Calif., Feb. 3, 2016 – Scion, established as a separate brand in 2003 as a laboratory to explore new products and processes to attract youth customers, is now transitioning back to the Toyota brand. Scion achieved its goals of developing unique products and processes, and bringing in new, younger customers to Toyota. With more than a million cars sold, 70 percent of Scions were purchased by customers new to Toyota and 50 percent were under 35 years old.

“This isn’t a step backward for Scion; it’s a leap forward for Toyota. Scion has allowed us to fast track ideas that would have been challenging to test through the Toyota network,” said Jim Lentz, founding vice president of Scion and now CEO, Toyota Motor North America. “I was there when we established Scion and our goal was to make Toyota and our dealers stronger by learning how to better attract and engage young customers. I’m very proud because that’s exactly what we have accomplished. Continue reading Scion Brand to Transition to Toyota