Vaughn Gittin and Bosch Drift on Streets of LA

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Bosch team-up to create a one-of-kind masterpiece on the streets on L.A.

After being to a couple of Formula Drift events, one starts to not only appreciate the extreme talent of professional drifters, but also the artistic aspect of the sport. These amazing drivers can control a car so precisely, with such thought and expertise, that they can literally paint the pavement with a smooth, intending swipe.

Professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. set out last Saturday to prove that not only is he one of the top drifters in the world, but that he is a seasoned artist as well. His paintbrush: his Bosch-powered Falken Tire Ford Racing Mustang. His paint: his Falken Azenis RT615s. His canvas: the intersection of 3rd and Grand in busy downtown Los Angeles. The result: creating Performance Art, powered by Bosch.

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Formula D x Fatlace “Cone Killers” Event Re-Cap

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Last night’s event at the Fatlace store was great.  Guests included Miss Formula D, Calvin Wan, and Ross Petty.  The Fatlace team provided drinks and snacks and also music by their own DJs.

A lot of people showed up to support and pick-up the exclusive Fatlace x FD “Where it All Started” T-shirt.  If you missed the release last night this version of the t-shirt will also be available at the Fatlace booth tomorrow at Roound 6: Locked and Loaded at Infineon Raceway and also on FATLACE.  The 2nd version of the Fatlace x Formula D t-shirt will be available at Formula DRIFT events and on the Online Shop.

For all those that missed out here are some photos…enjoy.

Thanks to Fatlace for their hospitality!

more photos after the jump…

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Miss Formula DRIFT Cover Model for new Import Tuner

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Check out the latest Import Tuner magazine with Catherine Kluthe, Miss Formula DRIFT on the cover.  The magazine is available now on newsstands and also features Round 4: High Stakes event coverage.

Miss FD will be at RD 6 in Infineon Raceway and RD7 Irwindale Speedway…so bring your copies to get autographed in person.  If you’re in the area Miss FD will be at the “Cone Killers” event at the Fatlace Store on Sept. 11 in Japantown – San Francisco.

Be sure to pick it up this collector’s issue!