Patrick Mordaunt and Braille Auto Team Up

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Patrick Mordaunt and Braille Auto Team Up

August 6, 2008 (Playa del Rey, Calif.) – It’s the goal of every young drifter making a name for themselves in amateur competitions, waiting for their shot at the big time. The “Big Time”, of course, is a relative term – but for most, it’s the chance to graduate from a Nissan S13 or S14 into something with a bit more horsepower. And, preferably, one that belongs to a bigger operation that is larger than a borrowed truck, open trailer and an EZ-Up (also known as a Willow Springs Hand Glider).

Patrick Mordaunt, the youngest competitor in the Formula Drift Pro Championship, made a large step forward with his 2008 Formula Drift campaign, while driving his trusty Nissan S14. Now, he is making his next big step, as he will be taking over the Braille Auto 350Z convertible for the remainder of the 2008 season. Mordaunt will drive the car for the first time at the fifth round of the Formula Drift season this weekend at Evergreen Raceway in Washington.

Mordaunt has had one top-16 appearance in his rookie season, when he went toe-to-toe with Vaughn Gittin, Jr. at Drift Atlanta. Overmatched on horsepower, Mordaunt battled hard in his Nissan S14 to force a One More Time, before losing to the powerhouse Mustang by a mere one point. The extra grunt provided by the supercharged 350Z engine should go a ways to ensuring a different outcome next time around for Mordaunt.

“I couldn’t be happier about getting into the 350Z this weekend,” said Mordaunt, who has had the opportunity to test his new ride in a video that was leaked earlier in the week. “Our S14 is a good car, but it will be great to pack a bit more horsepower with this 350Z. I’m very grateful to Blake Fuller and Braille Auto, as well as their sponsors, for making this happen.”

“I am extremely happy to have Patrick in our car,” said Blake Fuller of Braille Auto, who will also be competing in his 350Z coupe at Evergreen Raceway this weekend. “He’s obviously a talented driver with a long future ahead of him in this sport, and we were eager to have him driving for us, instead of against us!”

Patrick’s first weekend in the Braille Auto / PMRacing Nissan 350Z will be documented on’s Slider’s Ed Episode six.

A’PEXi/Nitto Mazda RX7 converted to Right Hand Drive!

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Despite the hardships that occurred at Formula D’s Round 4 event in Las Vegas, Nevada, the A’PEX/Nitto Mazda Drift Team regrouped back at A’PEX Integration with pure intensity. Winners of the Formula D UTI Best Crew award in Englishtown, the A’PEXi/Nitto Drift Team fought back and repaired the Mazda RX7 in even better condition. “We got started right away when we got back. We had done a lot of brainstorming after the heart wrenching crash and formulated a plan to win. Our team wants to win really bad and we’re not going to give up at all costs. All the damage was repaired and improved and on top of that, there are even more upgrades that we did to increase reliability and performance. The team has not had any sleep in the past two weeks but we want that podium” Said Ron Bergenholtz Team Manager of Bergenholtz Racing.

In addition to the repairs, the A’PEXi/Nitto Mazda Drift Team decided to convert the Mazda RX7 to right hand drive. A complete Japanese front clip was purchased. Parts from the clip were implemented into the A’PEXi/Nitto Mazda RX7. “The conversion was quite labor intensive. Ron Bergenholtz must have soldered over 200 wires to accommodate the conversion. Amazingly enough we completed the conversion in five days. The only thing left is all cosmetic. All mechanical work is done. We are so excited because we know this will make Ryuji’s drifting more comfortable. Seattle here we come!” Said Chuck Grifface Assistant car chief to the A’PEX/Nitto Mazda Drift Team.

The A’PEXi/Nitto Drift Team discussed in depth strategies to win after the set-back in Las Vegas. The common conclusion was to make Ryuji Miki more comfortable in the drift. Ryuji Miki championship talented driving in Japan had occurred in vehicles that were right hand drive. The team made the decision to convert the A’PEX/Nitto Mazda RX7 to right hand drive. “We knew we had to do something……….something really drastic. We knew we wanted to win….. and that it would require a major change. So right hand drive was it. I guess extreme winning results require extreme changes. I know this could be the podium finish, if not better…………the win.” Said Masaki Nakayama chief of communications for the A’PEXi/Nitto Drift Team.