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The excitement continues as the Final 4 drivers have battled it out for the win.  Advancing into the Finals is Samuel Hubinette and Rhys Millen!

Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust put on a amazing battle as each car stayed shadowed to the other car.  Millen took the advantage in the One More Time round and makes it into the Finals.

Third place is the battle of the 350Z with Nishida and Foust fighting it out.

With Hubinette going into the Finals and being in 2nd place overall in the Castrol SYNTEC Powercup Standings can he take over the lead over current champion Foust? Stay tuned to find out who wins!

RD 5 Great 8 Highlights

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After some very exciting battles we are in the Great 8. The rain has played a big part in how the drivers are adjusting and sliding on the track.

Hubinette, Foust, Nishida, and Millen have made it into the Final 4!

Foust and Takatori battle and Foust comes out on top after a couple very close tandem runs

Battle of the Solstice’s was so close it went into a One More Time with Millen inching out over McNamara

Round 5: Breaking Point Top 16 Qualifying Results

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LIVE TOP 16 Qualifying Results

Samuel Hubinette #1 Qualifier of top the TOP 16 drivers!

01) 96.75 S. Hubinette
02) 96.58 T. Foust
03) 96.08 K. Hayashida
04) 94.75 R. Nashida
05) 94.33 D. Yoshihara
06) 94.25 M. Takatori
07) 94.25 D. McNamara
08) 94.08 R. Miki
09) 94.08 C. Forsberg
10) 93.17 C. Grunewald
11) 92.83 T. Angelo
12) 92.42 R. Tuerck
13) 92.42 J. Pawlak
14) 92.08 R. Millen
15) 91.58 K. Mohan
16) 91.33 K. Gushi