Formula DRIFT Asia Championship, Round 3, Sydney Motorsports Park Results

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Formula DRIFT Asia Championship, Round 3, Sydney Motorsports Park Results;
Australian Levi Clarke Takes Competition Victory in an all Australian Finals

FD Australia

Long Beach, Calif. – October 22, 2014 – Formula DRIFT Asia Championship returned to Australia by making a stop at Sydney Motorsports Park for the first time as part of the World Time Attack Challenge weekend. Australian Levi Clarke in the Exedy Drift Team Nissan Silvia S15 takes the win.

The HiTec Oil Formula DRIFT Australia presented by Achilles Tire was the third stop in the seven year old Formula DRIFT Asia Championship. The Series returns to Australia by bringing the sport to a new venue, Sydney Motorsports Park, as part of the World Time Attack Challenge weekend. The South Circuit section that was used provided an unique and challenging, almost hill climb like, all uphill drift course. This 3-day event was an international spectacle with drivers from all over the world.

The Semi-Finals / Top 4 paired up Norwegian Aasbo against Australian Levi Clarke and New Zealander Whiter against Australian Nic Coulson. Aasbo had to forfeit to Clarke after one run due to mechanical issues and Coulson topped Whiter setting up an all Australian final. In the Finals, neither driver let up and drove aggressively but cleanly. At the end, top Australian drifter Levi Clarke stood on top of the podium to be the first Australian win to any Formula DRIFT competition.

“It’s good to be on top at Formula DRIFT,” said Levi Clarke, winner of Formula DRIFT Asia Championship, Round 3. “We had some great battles with Fredric Aasbo and the rest of the drivers.”
Formula DRIFT Round 4 | Sydney Motorsports Park | Competition Results:
1. Clarke, Levi (AUS) Exedy Drift Team / Nissan S15 Winner
2. Coulson, Nic (AUS) Team Xforce Performance Exhaust / Holden Commodore Ute 2nd Place
3. Aasbo, Fredric (NOR) RS-R / Toyota FT-86 3rd Place

2014 Formula DRIFT Banquet Awards

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– 1st Place: Dan Savage

– 2nd Place: Geoff Stoneback

– 3rd Place: Jeremy Lowe

– PRO2 Comeback of the Year (how you qualifying to how you finish; biggest jump): Jeremy Lowe – 14th to finish 4th at Round 1: Miami Heat

– PRO2 Top Qualifier of the Year (highest qualifying percentage): Dan Savage – Average qualification of 3rd

– PRO2 Ace of the Year (most head to head wins): TIED Geoff Stoneback & Dan Savage – 8 wins in 11 matches

– PRO2 Top Gun Driver of the Year (highest head to head win percentage): Brandon Wicknick – 85.71%, 6 wins in 7 matches

– Best Drifting Style: Forrest Wang

– Best Personal Style: Ryan Tuerck

– Crew Member of the Year: Brian Wilkerson

– Team Manager of the Year: Stephen Papadakis

– Spirit of Drifting: Forrest Wang

– Hardest Charging Driver of the Year: Chelsea DeNofa

2014 FORMULA DRIFT PRO CHAMPIONSHIP (Voted on by almost 10,000 fans)
– Fan Favorite Driver of the Year: Fredric Aasbo

– Fan Favorite Car of the Year: Forrest Wang

– Comeback of the Year (qualifying rank to finishing position; biggest jump): Daigo Saito – Qualified 29th to 1st Place Win at Round 7: Final Fight

– Most Improved Driver of the Year (2013 ranking to 2014 ranking): Dean Kearney – 29th in 2013 to 8th in 2014

– Top Qualifier of the Year (highest qualifying percentage): Chris Forsberg – 3.7 average

– Ace of the Year (most head to head wins): Fredric Aasbo – 25 wins of 30 matches

– Top Gun Driver of the Year (highest head to head win percentage): Fredric Aasbo – 83%

– Rookie of the Year: Geoff Stoneback




EXEDY CLUTCH CONTINGENCY: $10,780 Vaughn Gittin Jr. / $4,620 Kyle Mohan

2015 Formula DRIFT Licensed Drivers

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Newly Licensed via PRO2 Series

1. Dan Savage (286.5 points)

2. Geoff Stoneback (281 points)

3. Jeremy Lowe (259 points)

4. Jeff Jones (246 points)

5. James Evans (226 points)

6. Nate Hamilton (220 points)

7. Matt Coffman (182 points)

8. Brandon Wicknick (173 points)


PRO Drivers who retained PRO License

1. Chris Forsberg (561.5 points)

2. Fredric Aasbo (550 points)

3. Vaughn Gittin Jr. (393 points)

4. Aurimas ‘Odi’ Bakchis (364.5 points)

5. Forrest Wang (331.5 points)

6. Kenneth Moen (310.5 points)

7. Darren McNamara (298 points)

8. Dean Kearney (287 points)

9. Justin Pawlak (277 points)

10. Conrad Grunewald (262.5 points)

11. Robbie Nishida (261 points)

12. Ryan Tuerck (235 points)

13. Ken Gushi (227.5 points)

14. Daigo Saito (224 points)

15. Matt Field (221.5 points)

16. Michael Essa (218.5 points)

17. Tyler McQuarrie (209 points)

18. Daijiro Yoshihara (197 points)

19. Kyle Mohan (176.5 points)

20. Patrick Goodin (176.5 points)

21. Chelsea DeNofa (172.5 points)

22. Charles Ng (154.5 points)

23. Jhonnattan Castro (143 points)

24. Geoff Stoneback (137 points)

25. Joon Maeng (134 points)

26. Marc Landreville (103.5 points)

27. Mats Baribeau (102 points)

28. Ryan Kado (87.5 points)

29. Dave Briggs (86 points)

30. Patrick Mordaunt (86 points)

31. Alec Hohnadell (71.5 points)

32. Jeff Jones (70 points)