From Bare Shell To Podium: Inside The Mustang RTR By Speed Hunters / Larry Chen

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From the outside looking in, building a professional drift car may seem simple. Slap in a roll cage, add a big-angle kit and power it up with a fire-breathing motor. That’s it, right?

Well, that seemed like the case about 10 years ago. Now, if you are not spending countless hours building, developing and testing a new platform, then good luck being competitive. Professional drifting has changed so much over the past few years, and to highlight that fact Vaughn Gittin Jr. wanted to show us what he had to go through to get it all to work out with the brand new Ford Mustang.

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Team RTS Alex Heilbrunn 2016 Formula DRIFT Livery Release

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2016 RTS Livery

Team RTS / Nitto Tires / Whipple Super Charged / Chevy Powered / BMW

Alex Heilbrunn and Race Tech Servies (RTSinc) / Rick Lamber to take over the ENTIRE operations of the 2016-2017 PRO1 FD racing team.

RTS has its original crew members back in place that is has had the past 6 yrs, Rick Lamber team engineer/crew chief, Chris Tusow /Car Chief, Greg Landes/ Lead Mechanic & Engine builder.

Alex Heilbrunn PRO 1 Driver
2015 FD Pro2 Champion
*2015 Pro2 Champion* 3 out of 4 races to podium = (2) 1st place / (1) 2nd place * 3 out of 4 races to achieve Pole Position points

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