Through My Lens: Moments In Time by Larry Chen

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The moments in time it took to capture the 60 pictures I’m about to share with you do not even add up to one second. Some scenes were captured in as little as one eight thousandths of a second, and the longest one was a mere one eighth of a second. These are 60 moments in time captured through my lens at Formula Drift Round 3 in Orlando, Florida. Enjoy.

(Above) Mad Mike Whiddett Drifts Into The ‘D’ Dimension: This is the second event for the Kiwi, and he put down a great Top 16 showing yet again.


Makin’ Clouds: Formula Drift Pro2 drivers create plumes of tire smoke during qualifying.


Hitchin’ A Ride: Ken Gushi generously gives Chris Forsberg a ride to the podium ceremonies. Check out Presentation Mode to see Chris sitting in the passenger seat.


Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads: Chris Forsberg’s Nissan lets out a huge backfire after making contact with Ken Gushi’s Scion on the bank.

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