[ARTICLE] Drift: Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta | Pt 1 by What Monsters Do

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Formula Drift Round 2 Atlanta

Most of us who follow Formula Drift around the country would agree, if you only had one round you could attend in the season, round 2 at Road Atlanta would be the one. One of, if not the most energetic Formula Drift crowd in the series combined with an awesome track with a crazy fast entry, can only make for an exciting event. Formula Drift’s first ever event took place here at Road Atlanta. Road Atlanta also built horse shoe part of the track specifically for Formula Drift. It’s one thing to convince a professional race track to host a drift event (specially in 2004), it takes exceptional foresight to make an addition to the course specifically for it. Anyway, Friday’s qualifying session gave a good feeling of what was to come for the weekend! Coming off an exceptional performance in Long Beach, Fredric Assbo came out swinging during qualifying to take the number one spot with a score of 90.5.


Formula Drift round 2 atlanta 2013 Photo by Alex Nunez BMW

Michael Essa, known for his backwards entries at this track, did not disappoint with one of the most exciting qualifying runs of the day.

Formula Drift Atlanta Justin Pawlak Ford Mustang Photo by Alex Nunez

Justin Pawlak had a great qualifying run and ended up qualifying in the number three spot.

Chelsea DeNofa at Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta BMW photo by Alex Nunez

Another driver with a great showing in Long Beach was Chelsea DeNofa who finished round 1 in 4th place. Always an exciting “all out” driver and ended up qualifying 4th. He had power issues during his tandem run and was knocked out during Top 32.

Nate Hamilton at Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta photo by Alex Nunez

After some disappointing rear end issues in Long Beach, Nate was eager to get back on track to give his fans some exciting runs. After a spin out and a visit to the gravel during practice, Nate came through when it counted most and qualified 27th. Nate looked awesome in both of his qualifying runs but those rear end issues came back to haunt him during Top 32 the following day. Nate was put against McNamara for his first Top 32 tandem battle but was not able to get to the line handing DMac the win.

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[COVERAGE] Drift: Dai Yoshihara Victorious at Formula Drift Round 1 By: What Monsters Do

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Formula Drift kicked off it’s tenth season in Long Beach, California. It was another amazing event with over 50 drivers competing to a sold out crowd! Competition was fierce with Dai Yoshihara not only qualifying in first place but coming out victorious – with Vaughn Gittin JR in second and Chris Forsberg in third. More Formula Drift Round 1 action after the jump!


Matt Powers S14 Fatlace Formula Drift Round 1 2013

Top 16 competition included Matt Powers going against the 2011 champ Dai Yoshihara in an S14 vs S13 battle. After two good run’s Dai took the win.

Aasbo Scion TC vs Daigo Saito Lexus Formula Drift Long Beach

Both Aasbo and 2012 FD champion Daigo Saito were on top of their game with very close runs. They ended up going “One More Time” twice… so two more times. After 3 almost perfect battles, Daigo had a correction on the last clipping point and it cost him the win. Aasbo moved on to the Great Eight.

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