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Wrecked Magazine just opened the doors to Fantasy Drift 2012! Sign up now in a public league, start a private league with your friends but have fun. If you want to read up on how to play Fantasy Drift we recommend checking out the feature story in Issue 14 for a complete overview of what Fantasy Formula Drift is and how to play the game.

Below you can follow the link which will bring up two videos walking you step by step through registration and how to play the game with our good friend Nik. Sign up, have fun, and enjoy the wild ride of the 2012 season as you manage a four car team against your friends. Tire sponsors and manufactures will be updated as we lead up to Streets of Long Beach.

Sign Up for Fantasy Drift Today!


The Bro Show – Episode 3 Featuring Chris Forsberg

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courtesy of Wrecked Magazine

Break.com’s new comedy routine is called “The Bro Show” and with Episode 3 they visit Chris Forsberg at Toyota Speedway for a great prank. The prank involves a human clipping point cone and an accident which you can watch unfold in Episode 3. We were live during the filming and created this post featuring photos of the shoot which you can view here. Episode 3 does start with some go karts on ice but quickly gets moving over to the House of Drift where the prank is settled.

Watch the Bro Show: http://info.break.com/static/live/v1/pages/the-bro-show/the-bro-show.html

Fantasy Drift Update

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I am sure you have checked your Fantasy Drift roster today to see how you are doing in your league. Now that you have one round under your belt gear up for the 2.54 mile Road Atlanta next which will have wreck tow offs assuming your driver gets stuck in the pee gravel. We had some huge shockers in the points race showing you that anything can happen in your leagues.

If you have been lazy you can still sign up and play in new public leagues that will draft from Atlanta on to level a playing field or start a new private league that will finish the rest of the season. If you need some information on how to play or register then visit the Fantasy Drift Help Page.

Formula D Drivers Earning Top Fantasy Drift Points:
1. James Deane (8 points)
2. Forrest Wang (6 points)
3. Michihiro Takatori (6 points)
4. Ryuji Miki (6 points)
5. Vaughn Gittin (6 points)
6. Justin Pawlak (5 points)
7. Darren McNamara (5 points)
8. Ross Petty (5 points)
9. Tony Brakohiapa (5 points)
10. Patrick Mordaunt (5 points)
11. Rhys Millen (5 points)

Fantasy Drift Launched

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The long awaited game for Formula DRIFT has arrived on Wrecked Magazine. Once you register you become a Formula DRIFT general manager commanding a roster of four drivers. You can compete in public leagues where you can invite friends and have randomly assigned players join to fill the league. You can also run a private league which requires you to invite anyone you want to play into your game. So start a league with work, your drift buddies, or some degenerates from your favorite car forum and draft up for Long Beach!

The game will allow you to score one point for these 10 categories:
1.Top 32 (Anytime a Driver Of Yours Makes It Into the Top 32 You Will Receive One Point)
2.Top 16 (Anytime a Driver Of Yours Makes It Into the Top 16 You Will Receive One Point)
3.Top 8 (Anytime a Driver Of Yours Makes It Into the Top 8 You Will Receive One Point)
4.Podium (Anytime a Driver Of Yours Makes It On Podium You Will Receive One Point Regardless of what Place on the Podium)
5.Vehicle Malfunction (One point will be rewarded to your team if any driver on your team has some sort of vehicle malfunction)
Example: This could be anything from blowing a transmission to not starting at the line.
6.Wreck Tow Off (One point will be rewarded to your team if any driver on your team wrecks his car and must be towed off the course by a tow truck.)
7.Wreck Drive Off (One point will be rewarded to your team if any driver on your team wrecks and is able to drive off on his own will.)
Example: For your driver to qualify into this category he must leave some parts on the track. No bumper taps will count here.
8.One More Time (One point will be rewarded to your team if every time a driver on your roster participates in a One More Time battle regardless of what round he is in.)
9.UnderDog (One point will be rewarded to your team if every time a driver on your roster wins a tandem round of drifting against someone who qualified better than him at the current event.)
10.Team Tire Podium (One point will be rewarded to your team if any driver on your roster who shares a tire company with a driver on the podium.)
Example: Note that your own driver will not count for this. For example, if you have Michael Essa and he runs Maxxis Tires you will receive points at 2009 Irwindale Speedway Round 7 since Ryan Tuerck was on the podium.

If your not a Fantasy Game professional we understand and if the all the information is a little overwhelming theyhave made two tutorial videos on how to get going:

1. How to Register/Draft: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEpDcU-CGwE
2. How to Play the Game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Rh3YRFIe7I

Where to Bookmark For the 2010 Season: