Red Bull Drifting World Championship: Sweet 16

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The top 32 drivers of Red Bull’s Drifting World Championship have been cut down to only sixteen and the list narrows as the competition continues. Remember to check the standings here for live updates.

“Mad” Mike Whiddet pushed past Paul Vlasblom in the first round to face Carl Ruiterman in the Sweet 16. Ruiterman crashed out at the second checkpoint giving the automatic win to Mad Mike. Keep checking the blog for live updates here at the Red Bull Drifting World Championship!

Top 32 Underway

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Nine battles deep into the top 32, the Red Bull Drifting World Championship are officially underway at the Port of Long Beach! Keep checking the blog for up to the minute updates and click here for updated live standings.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. drifts his way past Marco Santos to qualify for the Top 16.


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The stands are filling up fast as the opening ceremonies get started and the qualifiers for the Red Bull World Drifting Championships are just moments away. Tickets for this event are now available ONLY at the Event Headquarters at the Long Beach Convention and are selling out fast. Park at the convention center, pick up tickets, and take the courtesy shuttle to the Port of Long Beach venue to catch some of the world’s best drifters in action.