Red Bull Drifting World Championship Today!

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The Red Bull Drifting World Championship Main Event is today and drivers are all ready to go! The weather is clear and the track conditions are ideal for today’s competition.

Tickets for this event are available only at the Event Headquarters at the Long Beach Convention and are selling out fast. Park at the convention center, pick up tickets, and take the courtesy shuttle to the Port of Long Beach venue.

If yesterday was any indication of what the action will be like today, then get ready for the most intense and exciting drifting events ever. Special event features include the Red Bull Airforce and the band “Crooked X” performing. Plenty of vendors and giveaways are available. Be sure to pick up an official Red Bull Drifting World Championship fan guide and official merchandise.

Results will be posted on the blog after today’s event. So keep checking back for more!

Samuel Hubinette slides his way to the #2 qualifying position.

Red Bull Drifting World Championship Top 32 Bracket

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The first day of the Red Bull Drifting World Championship has been one of the most exciting events yet!  The level of talent is extraordinary with the top drivers in the world competing at this inaugural event.  The drivers faced a very fast track and a couple of drivers were forced to wiRed Bull driver Rhys Millen clocking in over 100 mph entry speeds set the bar high and took the 1st qualifying position, even after tapping the wall and straightening out on his 2nd qualifying run.

98.17 R. Millen #6
97.00 S. Hubinette #77
96.83 P. Vlasblom #32
96.08 K. Ueo #86
95.75 D. McNamara #8
94.67 D. Yoshihara #9
94.50 V. Gittin #25
93.83 C. Grunewald #79
93.50 T. Foust #34
93.08 K. Mohan #99
92.25 M. Takatori #23
92.08 C. Forsberg #64
90.33 C. Ruiterman #16
90.33 F. Aasabo #51
86.67 J. Deane #17
86.50 T. Djan #48
83.92 S. Verdier #12
83.67 T. Marshall #118
83.42 L. Fink #69
82.92 G. Whiter #11
82.92 E. O’Sullivan #7
82.50 B. Sherman #22
80.58 L Fine #14
79.58 R. Niezen #20
77.83 R. Nishida #31
77.25 M. Santos #19
72.67 R. Bolger #911
72.42 B. Broke-Smith #24
0.00 K. Gushi #5
0.00 M. Widdet 15
0.00 R. Miki #26
0.00 J. Pawlak #13

Formula Drift Red Bull World Championship

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The weather hasn’t been the only thing scorching HOT in Long Beach this weekend. Formula Drift Red Bull World Championships are in town at the Port of Long Beach and the competition is as heated as ever. The final round of Formula Drift this season will continue through Sunday so be sure to get tickets here!**


** NOTE: Tickets must be purchased by MIDNIGHT on Saturday to qualify for Sunday’s event. Otherwise, they can be found on site Sunday morning.