Formula Drift Finals Great 8


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Tanner Foust Vs. Dai Yoshihara
Tanner leads and just smokes out Dai through the course.  Smokes out Dai and he goes into the exit of the course barriers.
Dai leads and it is a mirror image! Tanner just mirrors him through the course.  Very good run from Tanner. Tanner moves on

Ryan Tuerck Vs. Robbie Nishida
Ryan leads and holds a great line and angle through the course.  Robbie stays close but Ryan with a better line.
Robbie leads and has a great angle on the big bank.  Ryan staying close and holds a good line behind Robbie.  Judges call OMT

Ryan Tuerck Vs. Robbie Nishida OMT
Ryan leads with Robbie staying on the bumper of Ryan.  Good run from both.
Robbie leads with Robbie having a huge correction on the exit of the big bank.  Ryan able to close a small gap and stay on Robbie through the inner sweeper. Ryan moves on.

Kyle Mohan Vs. Mat Powers
Kyle leads and comes in with a great line and angle throught the course.
Mat leads and Kyle with a great angle on the big bank.  Kyle looks like he had a car problem and is struggling through course.  Mat moves on

Sam Vs Tyler McQuarrie
Sam leads with Tyler staying close through the course.  Good run from both. 
Tyler leads with a solid run and keeping a good angle through the course.  Tyler moves on.