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"Shaun and NuFormz is an integral part of this small Formula Drift family.
Personally, I have known Shaun for a long time, since the days we crossed paths at
McMullen Argus Publishing (now Source Interlink) when he was writing for various
magazine and I was selling advertising.  He has always been a hard charger and this
is just another obstacle he will overcome.  Everyone here at the FD office wishes
him nothing but the best while he recuperates."
- Jim Liaw, "President and co-founder of Formula DRIFT"


NuFormz Racing Owner
Shaun Carlson on the
Mend after Health Scare 

Shaun Carlson, owner of Team Mopar® Formula Drift star Samuel Hubinette’
s Mopar Drift Dodge Challenger, is recuperating nicely at home after
suffering a series of three heart attacks over the last month. The
attacks have been diagnosed as Brugada Syndrome, a genetic disease
characterized by an abnormality in the heart’s electrical system that
can cause potentially fatal arrhythmias.

Carlson, owner and team manager of NuFormz Racing in Ontario, Calif.,
and a former Team Mopar NHRA Pro Stock driver for Don Schumacher Racing,
had just returned home after working at his shop on Feb. 1 when he
suffered a ventricular tachycardia episode. He was shocked back to life
two times during his ordeal. Following a battery of tests, Carlson
received an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) to monitor his
heart rhythms and deliver shocks if dangerous rhythms occur.

Carlson was discharged from the hospital nearly two weeks ago. He has
since paid a few visits to his NuFormz Racing shop, but has been placed
on restricted duty, which means absolutely no work or stress. On his ICD
device, Carlson joked, "It’s in a cool titanium case. I now have a
Social Security number and a serial number! It’s like my own 24-hour
paramedic. I don’t have a problem with the plumbing side of my heart,
but with the electrical side. Everything inside me is fine, but I
inherited a gene that leads to this disease.

"I still have some championships to win with Sam and with Mopar. There’s
a reason why I’ve survived three heart attacks. Going forward, I plan to
work to bring awareness to everybody out there about Brugada. It’s been
a life-changing experience and I’m going to make the best out of it. It’
s good to be smellin’ the roses right now."

Hubinette and the Mopar NuFormz team will make their 2009 debut April
10–11 in the Formula Drift season-opening event on the Streets of Long
Beach, Calif. For more information on the Formula Drift Series, visit