Vote for the Retaks Insane Entry Award for Round 5: After Dark


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Formula DRIFT and Retaks have announced the “Insane Entry” award for Round 5: After Dark this weekend. Fans are invited to participate and decide which driver has the most “Insane Entry” at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Here’s how it works:

Any Formula DRIFT fan watching live at the event or online on the DriftStream will be able to vote on the driver that you feel has the “most insane” entry during the 2 rounds of Qualifying by texting the word “RETAKS” with the Car Number or driver’s last name for the Formula DRIFT driver you think has the “most insane” entry. No fee, but standard text rates may apply

For example if you think that champion Chris Forsberg has the most insane entry then you would text “Retaks 64” (space between is required the text “Retaks” and the car #) or text “Retaks Forsberg” (space between is required the text “Retaks” and the car driver name) Retaks is NOT case sensitive.

Voting to start officially after qualifying is complete and remain open for 30 minutes. Check schedule of events on the Round 5: After Dark Event Page. Schedule subject to change without notice.

Only 1 vote per person. You will receive an auto response confirming your vote. Only the first vote from the cell phone will generate an auto response.

The winning driver will receive $150 + Retaks backpack + Retaks t-shirt