Clipping Point: Dean “Karnage” Kearney


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For the past 2 years we have had the honor of being able to assist Dean “Karnage” Kearney with helping  to grow his fan base here and abroad. We have done many a “Clipping Point” interviews but never with our man Dean. So we got the chance to do so earlier this year, so we can run it right before the finals to help get him some more needed exposure. Check out what he had to say about the Viper and what drives him. 

EverythingDrift: What do you love about drifting?

Dean Kearney: I love that each car and each driver is so different. As opposed to like WRC or NASCAR, it’s all like, FIA sanctioned that you all have to have the same size restrictor, the same size tire, and all. With Formula D there’s such a variance of chassis, tires, horsepower, engines–V8s, V10s, 4 bangers, it’s just crazy man.

ED: Back in Ireland what do you drive?

DK: I drive daily a van just like any normal person, But on track I don’t have anything really. Just what we do over here in the States.