Round 2: Road to the Championship Great 8 Round by Round Blog


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Gushi vs Forsberg – Forsberg leads and Gushi chases. Good run by both to start the Great 8. Gushi leads and Forsberg chases tight to the TC. The collide in the horseshoe. Forsberg gets the win.

Yoshihara vs McNamara – Yoshihara leads and McNamara chases tightly. McNamara now leads and Yoshihara gives chase. Good battle between the 2 drivers. Judges can’t decide so we go to a One More Time.

OMT Run 1 – Dai leads and McNamara chases tightly into the first clipping point. Both cars collide in the horseshoe. The rear bumper of Dai is destroyed. McNamara leads and Yoshihara sticks tight. Great run. Yoshihara gets the win.

Tuerck vs Gittin – Tuerk leads and Gittin follows closely. Good run. Gittin leads and Tuerk chases but a gap is created after the horseshoe. Gittin gets the win.

Essa vs Grunewald -Essa takes the win.

Top 4
Forsberg vs Yoshihara – Yoshihara takes the win.

Gittin vs Essa – They have a OMT battle. Gittin takes the win.

Consolation for 3rd place – Forsberg vs. Essa – Forsberg takes the win after Essa spins.

Yoshihara vs Gittin – Good battle. Congrats to Dai Yoshihara!