Formula DRIFT RD3: The Gauntlet Practice-Day

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Formula DRIFT Behind the Scenes Pics from Engishtown – Practice Day For the first time Formula DRIFT will be at Englishtown Raceway in New Jersey. The weather is great and the course looks challenging. A very fast track if not the fastest on the circuit with a blind turn and very tight space….keep posted for more updates throughout the weekend.

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Formula DRIFT Singapore Announces Broadcast Schedule

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June 9, 2008

Formula DRIFT Singapore Announces ESPN STAR SPORTS Program Schedule

LONG BEACH, Calif. – June 9, 2008 – The Formula DRIFT Singapore broadcast schedule on STAR SPORTS has been announced. Multiple airings of the event will be broadcast to numerous countries with a distribution of over 54 million households.

Beginning on June 9th, the first of 3 international airings of the Formula DRIFT Singapore event will be shown in the following countries:

South East Asia: Philippines, Malaysia, Macau, Brunei, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Papua New Guinea, and Singapore

Asia: China and Korea Republic

India: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Formula DRIFT Singapore Event Broadcast Schedule on STAR SPORTS:

South East Asia:

June 9 @ 22:30

June 13 @ 19:00

June 19 @ 19:00

June 21 @ 21:00


June 10 @ 01:00

June 12 @ 18:30

June 15 @ 08:00

June 15 @ 14:00


June 9 @ 22:30

June 12 @ 18:30

June 15 @ 08:00

June 15 @ 14:00


June 9 @ 21:00

June 11 @ 05:00

June 12 @ 01:30

Hong Kong:

June 9 @22:30

June 13 @ 19:00

June 17 @ 19:00

June 22 @ 18:30

Media Contact:

John Pangilinan

The ID Agency

[email protected]

RD 4: High Stakes – Las Vegas Tickets on Sale Now!

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Tickets have gone on sale for Round 4: High Stakes of the Formula DRIFT Championship at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for July 12.

This marks the first time that Formula DRIFT has held an event in Las Vegas and this one will not fail to disappoint. Tickets start at $20 and 2-day passes are also available. Save money and purchase your ticket online. Get your tickets while they last!


FD RD 4 Las Vegas

RD 4 Flyer Back