From Bare Shell To Podium: Inside The Mustang RTR By Speed Hunters / Larry Chen

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From the outside looking in, building a professional drift car may seem simple. Slap in a roll cage, add a big-angle kit and power it up with a fire-breathing motor. That’s it, right?

Well, that seemed like the case about 10 years ago. Now, if you are not spending countless hours building, developing and testing a new platform, then good luck being competitive. Professional drifting has changed so much over the past few years, and to highlight that fact Vaughn Gittin Jr. wanted to show us what he had to go through to get it all to work out with the brand new Ford Mustang.

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Formula DRIFT Road Atlanta 2016 Photo Coverage By Super Street Magazine

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Formula Drift Atlanta 2016 370Z Mustang

In a way, it was sort of fitting that the 2016 edition of Formula DRIFT Road Atlanta – round 2 of this season’s chase – ended with three series vets and past champs on the podium, considering the venue is famously where the planet’s premier drifting league got its start in 2004. As much as media types and talking heads want to hype the next generation of drivers, at the end of the day legends run this show, and it’s up to the young guns to carve out space among the sports’ elite.

Formula drift atlanta 2016 Z34