Drifting Mexico Results

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Results from Drifting Mexico – Formula DRIFT International Event

Round of 16

Hubinette vs Kregorian – Winner: Hubinette

Petty vs Schelley – Winner: Schelley

McQuarrie vs Frost – Winner: Frost

Brakohiapa vs Pina – Winner: Brakohiapa

Pawlak vs Canul – Winner: Pawlak

Mordaunt vs Maeng – Winner: Mordaunt

Angelo vs Wang – Winner: Angelo

Sumida vs Wharerau – Winner: Wharerau

Round of 8

Hubinette vs Schelley – Winner: Hubinette

Frost vs Brakohiapa – Winner: Brakohiapa

Pawlak vs Mordaunt – Winner: Pawlak

Angelo vs Wharerau – Winner: Wharerau

Round of 4

Hubinette vs Brakohiapa – Winner: Hubinette

Pawlak vs Wharerau – Winner: Pawlak

Consolation Round

Brakohiapa vs Wharerau – Winner: Brakohiapa


1. Pawlak (Winner)

2. Hubinette

3. Brakohiapa

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