FD Mexico Day 1


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From Casidi…

Hi Guys, we made it here safely! and right when we stepped out of the airport it was hot and humid with a little bit of sprinking here and there. Emilio got us 2 buses to transport all of us back and forth to the track and the hotel. They are pretty nice, with a TV and nice seats that recline. Since we got in so late nothing was really open. So after checking into the hotel (which was crowded due to a Mary Kay Convention a makeup company) so you can just imagine 40 – 50 year old women walking around in these really fancy dresses trying to look 20 again. we were all pretty hungry due to the extensive DS battling that we were having on the plane and the pillows that were flying across from one side to another. so we took an adventure and went looking for food. we lost some on the way … you can only imangine what they found 😉 but we found a hot dog stand! that was the only thing that we could find!! they were pretty good, or maybe i was just really hungry … haha

Enjoy the photos from Day 1

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