Formula Drift gets into New Jersey 06.11.08 enjoying some free time before the long weekend ahead!


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So the whole Formula Drift crew flew in on wednesday, so we had some free time do we decided to go ahead and check out the “BIG APPLE”, heres the us enjoying the city:


Steve & Casidi

Jim, John, Ryan, Casidi, Steve, Me

)Casidi in front of the plaza hotelIn front of the plaza hotelChillenCoolRadio City!!)

Day 2 6.12.2008

Few pictures from today’s load-in day and practice…enjoy:

Ken Gushi game face!Ross Petty game face!Belle 1 Racing!! Belle 1 Racing again!)

Thats all for today, stay tuned for through out the weekend for behind the scenes of Formula D crew, another long day tomrrow.

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