Off Season Blues..


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One would think that because our staff is pretty much going non-stop from February to mid-November that we would all welcome the Holidays and the lack of traveling to and from events, meetings, planning, etc; but I actually really miss all that already. It’s been just a few weeks since our last event and though I am very ready for some rest, there is a sick part of me that wants to be hanging banners and walking the pits on a Thursday morning when everyone is loading in. We are now in the office work realm of the job that is mostly strategic, preparatory and lots of planning. Venues, sponsors, contracts, proposals, meetings, new projects, budgeting…all that stuff. Part of the game, but I’d rather be at the track. It’s funny because from about mid-season on when you are really start to feel the drag of lack of sleep and high stress, you can’t wait for this moment when you can be a regular human, but in reality when that time arrives, you wanna be back with tire speckles in your hair. My mom told me last week that when you get older you never look back on your life and say, “I wish I worked more”. Yes, I believe that, but when it comes to being able to do what we do, I only think that is half true. I’m ready for more.

It is amazing what has happened in such a short time span in this incredible industry. As we approach a trying time for not only drifting but for the automotive world we will truly find out how much “call” we have. I believe what has been seen this year in this state, in terms of drifting, was one of the most progressive, forward-moving pushes of new ideas, new-level talent and of course excitement. I believe we have quite a lot of look forward to and though Thanksgiving has just barely passed, I cannot wait until the cops are yelling at us to open the street back up on The Streets of Long Beach.


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