Red Bull Drifting WC – Thursday Recap


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A bit late here – but better late than never.

I’ll work on posting a Day by Day photographic blog-post of the Red Bull Drifting WC Weekend.

Starting with Thursday, I arrived at the track around 2pm and headed straight away to Mad Mike FD Car.

The Paddock was organized by the US drivers (National/FD) and the International Drivers, so I kept walking down the International paddock side, checking out what’s in order for the weekend.

After Walking down the paddock, I notice some action going down at the Start/Finish Line.
Some of the Drivers were getting ready to shoot some video and at the same time, do a few laps to lay down some Rubber on the Brand New Custom Made Track.

I think Ryhs was explanin Sam how to throw the peace sign while Drifting?

Words cannot explain the Rig Setup of this High Speed camera… $1M setup.

BMW joins the fun…

Formula Drift Drivers where waiting for this weekend since it was announced during mid-season.

A few cars are lined up to shoot a bit of action!

After a few runs, Cops showed up to take us on a 32 cars parade to the streets of long beach!

Heck, even the Red Bull Double Decker Bus showed up!

Red Bull Energy Station + Sunset + Cranes

Port of Long Beach, Amazing Sunset

I took some time to take pictures of the track and the banners

Cars started to line up again to head out to the Streets of Long Beach!

Mad Mike’s FD Meets Long Beach’s Public Transportation – which is FREE?

Mr. DeAnda, Just in time for the Draw Party!

Mad Mike + Wife

John P. & Ryan —- Victor – ID Agency

Mr. and Mrs Formula Drift

Our Back Up photographer (John P) usually does his job… so he does on this one.

IMG World’s Girls…

John P, Jarod, Jim & Victor

That will conclude Thursday Recap of the Red Bull DWC.
Stay tuned for more action and behind the scene images.

For Higher Resolution Images, check out my Flickr account.
I Highly recommend you checking out the Flickr slide show.
Direct LINK to Thursday Slide show!


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