Formula D – ATL Autograph Session 35mm


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During the Formula Drift Atlanta event I was able to shoot a roll of film with my Canon EOS Elan 7. I didn’t get to take pictures of drifting because the film ISO was to high and the max shutter speed of the camera is 1/4000 sec. – I was able to capture the autograph session on Friday afternoon.

Team Rockstar

Rockstar Team

Golden Child – Tanner Foust

Tanner Foust

Ken “The Future” Gushi

Ken Gushi

Tommy Suell

Tommy Suell

Joon Maeng

Joon Maeng

Still Number #1 after Round 2 – Ryan “Hampsha” Tuerck

Ryan Tuerck

A Fan bring a USED tired to get it signed by the Drivers.

Tire Signature

“Don’t know if this is the best way to get the t-shirt signed but Dad seems to know what he is doing…”

More Signature Kid

My Equipment during quick edit on Friday Night.


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