Formula Drift – 2007 – Wall Speedway


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As I’m going through all my photo equipment and packing up every single cable, charger, lens, memory cards, etc – I was thinking of one of the most exciting track of the season – Wall, Speedway in New Jersey; And I’m Happy that we are going to be visiting this track during the 2009 Formula Drift season because this track has a fast entry speed onto a Bank as steep as Irwindale Speedway.

Last time Formula Drift was at Wall Speedway was in Sept 2007 and I was there to capture the whole weekend. check it out:

Wall Speedway, New Jersey

Falken TeamLine up
Lined upClipping Point

Sammuel Hubinetter won the Championship in 2006 so he was sporting the #1 Sticker on his Charger

Hubinette #1

Sammuel HubinetteHankook Team
Calvin Wan

This is my all time Favorite Drift photo – Calvin Wan – Falken Mazda RX-7

Calvin Wan

Chris ForsbergRhys Millen
Tanner FoustMiki

And lets not forget the Tandem at this Track are simply Amazing… check out Ryhs Millen’s Pontiac Solstice keeping up with Tanner Foust Nissan 350z.

Rhys vs Tanner

Miki vs MillenMiki vs Casper
Remember this car?DAI

Daijiro Yoshihara went on to claim the top spot on the Podium – Followed by Ryhs Millen in 2nd Place and Tanner Foust in 3rd Place. (who would have guessed that Ryhs Millen and Daijiro Yoshihara were going to team up for the 2008 season?)

Podium Shot

Drift AllianceDrift Alliance
Jr and RyanDai

If you guys are out here in NYC or NJ – come down to the Wall Speedway, NJ this weekend – I’m sure this event is going to be NUTS!


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And make sure you stay tuned for live updates!!!