Photos updates from Road to Atlanta


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Randy (FD Chief Steward) and I landed around noon today and the first thing we did was, headed to the track to see what’s going on and of course, give you guys some updates…

Some Cars where already testing the track and some upgrades to their cars.

ATL Start line

Teams are setting up their rigs and the work area – Did you know you Fans/Spectators can walk around the paddock and watch the team work on their cars?


Justin Pawlak

Eric O'Sullivan

Rhys Millen

Enough Paddock updates, im sure you guys want to see some action from today’s testing…

Tanner Foust

Ken Gushi

Ross Petty "Bosso"

Calvin Wan

Tyler McQuarrie

Ryan Tuerck

i’m leaving you guys with a shot of the infamous ATL Loop 😉

Road To Atlanta


click HERE for more images from today’s testing & stay tuned for more live updates…