RD 4: All In LIVE Top 4


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Battle 1 of the Top 4. McQuarrie vs. Tanner Foust. McQuarrie leads and taps the entry wall with Foust right behind. Run 2 Foust leads McQuarrie and creates a small gap and powers through the course with a cloud of smoke. One More Time as the judges disagree and have each a different call.

OMT Run 1. McQuarrie with a great entry leading Foust. Foust with a bobble and then catches up and keeps it close throughout. Run 2. Foust leads and McQuarrie close behind on the first sweeper. McQuarrie goes wide. Foust advances to the FINALS.

Battle 2. Forsberg vs. Miki. Forsberg leads and Miki sticks close. Great run! Run 2. Miki leads and Forsberg trails right behind. Miki advances to Finals!

Next post will have the battle for the top 3!