RD 4: Great 8 LIVE


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Battle 1 of the Great 8. McQuarrie vs. Essa. Essa leads and McQuarrie sticks close. Run 2 McQuarrie leading Essa and initiates high, while Essa takes a shallow line and McQuarrie smoke may have blinded Essa. McQuarrie moves on to the Final 4.

Battle 2. Foust vs. Hayashida. Tanner leads and smokes it up while taking a high line. Hayashida way behind and overshoots the clipping point. Run 2. Hayashida leads Foust. Hayashida spins 360 on the entry sweeper. Foust advances to Final 4.

Battle 3. Ryan Tuerck vs. Chris Forsberg. Drift Alliance teammates go to battle. Tuerck chases Forsberg close and his rear bumper comes loose, but sticks very close. Run 2. Tuerck leads Forsberg. Tuerck sticks to a high line and pulls away towards the end of the run, but slight correction during the run. OMT is called.

OMT Run 1. Forsberg leads and Tuerck goes strong up to him. This battle can determine who will take over the points lead. Run 2. Tuerck leads and Forsberg shadows him close through the run. Too close to call another One More Time.

OMT2 Run 1. Forsberg leads Tuerck. Both come super close to the wall…Tuerck taps it. Great run. Run 2 of the last OMT. Tuerck calls 5 minutes rule. Tuerck leads and spins on the first turn. Forsberg advances.

Battle 4. Run 1. Justin Pawlak vs. Ryuji Miki. Amazing run by both drivers. Miki sticks close to Pawlak. Run 2. Miki leads and Pawlak returns the favor by sticking really close to Miki. Miki advances to the Top 4.

next blog post will be the Top 4.