Round 6: Locked and Loaded TOP 4 to Finals LIVE


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Round 1 of Top 4: Ken Gushi vs. Tanner Foust. Battle of the Scion TCs. Ken leads and Tanner chases and stays close through the run. Run 2. Tanner leads and Ken gives chase and goes wheel to wheel with the champ through the teardrop and to the end of the run. Ken Gushi moves on to the Finals!

Round 2 of Top 4: Ryuji Miki vs. Stephan Verdier. Ryuji leads and Verdier gives chase and goes wide and off-course with 1 tire into the teardrop. Run 2. Verdier leads and Miki gives chase tapping Verdier’s bumper in the teardrop and makes a correction towards the end of the run. Verdier moves on to the Finals.

Consolation Round for 3rd Place: Tanner Foust vs. Ryuji Miki. Miki leads and Foust chases and Foust overshoots wide and goes off-course into the teardrop. Run 2. Foust leads and Miki chases him down and keeps it close. One More Time.

Round 2 in OMT. Miki leads and Foust keeps on his rear bumper through the run. Run 2. Foust leads and Miki is right on him in the first entry and keeps it on him through the run. One More Time.

2nd OMT battle. Miki leads and Tanner gives chase. Tanner goes hot and hits Miki’s side door. Both cars come to a hault. Foust leads and Miki chases down Tanner and stays on his door and ends the run.

Finals: Ken Gushi vs. Stephan Verdier. Ken leads and straightens out and car looks to be damaged and he runs off course. Verdier wins as Ken’s car will not be able to compete.