Round 6: Locked and Loaded Great 8 LIVE


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We are here at Infineon Raceway for the Great 8.

Run 1: Katuhiro Ueo vs. Ken Gushi. Ueo leads and Ken goes door to door with him on entry. Ueo slows and Ken makes contact in the teardrop, both cars stop. 5 mins called. Run 2. Gushi leads and Ueo chases, but straightens out in the teardrop. OMT is called.

Run 1 in OMT. Ueo leads and goes wide on his really early drift entry and Ken gives chase and sticks to him. Run 2. Ken leads and Ueo chases sticking to Ken’s door through the run. Close battle. Ken moves on to the Final 4.

Round 2. Rhys Millen vs. Tanner Foust. Rhys leads and Tanner chases sticking to his door from the entry through to the teardrop. Rhys pulls slightly away towards the end of the run. Run 2. Tanner leads and Rhys gives chase and shadows him through the teardrop and Tanner pulls slightly away in the same fashion as Rhys did in the previous run. Tanner Foust moves on to the Final 4.

Round 3. Ryuji Miki vs. Sam Hubinette. Ryuji leads and Sam chases him down to the teardrop. Ryuji ends the run with a slight gap between the 2 cars. Run 2. Sam leads and Ryuji gives chase and sticks to the Viper’s door through the teardrop to the end of the run. Ryuji Miki moves on to the Final 4.

Round 4. Stephan Verdier vs. Vaughn Gittin. Vaughn leads and Stephan chases sticking closely through the teardrop and to the end of the run. Run 2. Stephan leads and Vaughn chases, but Vaughn goes wide and makes a correction in the teardrop. Stephan Verdier moves on.

Final 4 to the Finals in the next blog post. Stay tuned for the Finale of Round 6!