Round 6: Locked and Loaded TOP 16 LIVE


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Round 1: Ueo vs. McNamara – Ueo leads and McNamara goes hot and contact is made, but both continue and finish the run. Run 2 McNamara leads and Ueo catches up in the teardrop and sticks to his bumper for the rest of the run. Ueo moves on to the Great 8.

Round 2: Ken Gushi vs. Dai Yoshihara. Ken leads and Dai catches him in the teardrop, but Ken breaks free and creates a gap to the end of the run. Run 2. Dai leads and Ken gives chase, both initiate at same time and Ken sticks to Dai’s door. Dai straightens out! Ken advances.

Round 3: Rhys Millen vs. Kenji Yamanaka. Rhys leads and Kenji has a wider line, but can’t catch up to Rhys. Run 2. Kenji leads and Rhys chases and sticks to the bumper of Kenji like glue through the entire run. Rhys advances.

Round 4: Alex Pfeiffer vs. Tanner Foust. Alex leads and Tanner chases right to Alex’s door and sticks with him through the entire run. Amazing run. Run 2. Tanner leads and Alex returns the favor by sticking to his door through the teardrop. Great tandem action! Tanner gets the win and moves on to the Great 8.

Round 5: Ryuji Miki vs. Kyle Mohan. Ryuji leads and Kyle chases both have wide lines through to the teardrop. Run 2. Kyle leads and both enter the teardrop, Kyle goes a bit wide. Ryuji Miki moves on to the Great 8.

Round 6: Samuel Hubinette vs. Yasu Kondo. Yasu leads and Sam gives chase to the much slower Corolla and sticks to his rear bumper. Run 2. Sam leads and Yasu chases and catches up at the teardrop and stays with him through the run. One More Time!

Run 1 in OMT. Yasu leads and Sam chases and sticks to the rear bumper of the Corolla. Run 2. Sam leads but Kondo goes a bit wide and never really catches Sam in the run. Sam advances

Round 7: Chris Forsberg vs. Stephan Verdier. Chris leads and Stephan chases and shadows Chris throughout the course right on his door and rear bumper. Great run! Run 2. Stephan leads and Chris catches up and returns the favor by sticking to Stephan’s door and follow to the end of the run. Stephan Verdier advances.

Round 8: Vaughn Gittin vs. Justin Pawlak. Gittin leads and JTP gives chase. JTP goes hot and spins out on the first turn. Run 2. JTP leads and goes feint drift and Gittin follows. Gittin keeps it close and goes a little wide, but its not enough and Gittin moves on.

Great 8 LIVE in next blog post. Stay tuned!