Formula Drift Finals Top 16


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Dai Yoshihara Vs. Darren McNamara
Dai leads with his rear bumper almost on the wall for the big bank.  DMac giving chase but shallower line through the course.
DMac leads and Dai is on him through the course. DMac smacks him wing on the inner bank and Dai is able to close in and be door to door.  Dai moves on

Tanner Foust Vs. Mike Essa
Tanner leads and Essa with a shallower angle and line through the chase of the course.
Essa leads with Tanner on his bumper in the big bank. Essa rubs the wall and Tanner passes him before the first clip.  Tanner Foust moves on to Great 8

Chris Forsberg Vs. Nishida
Chris leads with Robbie not backing down and mirroring him through the course. 
Robbie leads with a gap on the inner bank, Chris closes the gap on the transition into inner sweeper. Chris takes out the end clip and barriers.  Robbie moves on

Ryan Tuerck Vs. Ken Gushi
Ryan leads with Ken maintaining a good follow line.  Ryan with a better angle on entry into the inner bank. 
Ken leads with Ryan staying on Gushis bumper. Ryan with a small correction on the inner bank.  Ryan moves on.

Alex Pfeiffer Vs. Kyle Mohan
Kyle leads with Alex staying close and on Kyle through the course and spins on the  exit of the inner sweeper.
Alex leads with Kyle on his bumper. Kyle stays on him through the course with Alex spinning and Kyle avoids the hit on course exit. Kyle Mohan moves on.

Tommy Suell Vs. Mat Powers
Tommy leads with Mat giving chase and having a correction on the bank.  Suell with a good solid run.
Mat leads with Tommy having corrections on the inner course.  OMT call from judges.

Tommy Suell Vs. Mat Powers OMT
Tommy leads and both off the first clip.  On the inner sweeper Tommy on the wall.  Good run from both.
Mat with a correction on bank and Tommy shuts her down with car problems it looks.  Mat moves on.

Joon Maeng Vs. Sam Hubinette
Joon leads with Sam not backing down.  Door to door with Sam giving chase and not allowing a gap through the entire course.
Sam leads with Joon trying to mirror Sam now!  Such crazy action with the crowd chanting OMT!  They go OMT

Joon Maeng Vs. Sam Hubinette OMT!
Joon leads with a correction on the bank and slows down a lot on the inner bank looking like Joon may have caused Sam to spin. 
Sam leads and Joon staying close off the big bank.  Joon on transition spins and Sam moves on.

JTP Vs. Tyler McQuarrie
JTP leads with Tyler giving chase, both with tons of smoke and angle, Tyler did a good chase run. JTP with lots of smoke and angle.
Tyler leads giving himself a gap from JTP and able to maintain that gap through the course.  JTP with a better antry angle off the bank.  Tyler moves on