Fantasy Drift Update


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I am sure you have checked your Fantasy Drift roster today to see how you are doing in your league. Now that you have one round under your belt gear up for the 2.54 mile Road Atlanta next which will have wreck tow offs assuming your driver gets stuck in the pee gravel. We had some huge shockers in the points race showing you that anything can happen in your leagues.

If you have been lazy you can still sign up and play in new public leagues that will draft from Atlanta on to level a playing field or start a new private league that will finish the rest of the season. If you need some information on how to play or register then visit the Fantasy Drift Help Page.

Formula D Drivers Earning Top Fantasy Drift Points:
1. James Deane (8 points)
2. Forrest Wang (6 points)
3. Michihiro Takatori (6 points)
4. Ryuji Miki (6 points)
5. Vaughn Gittin (6 points)
6. Justin Pawlak (5 points)
7. Darren McNamara (5 points)
8. Ross Petty (5 points)
9. Tony Brakohiapa (5 points)
10. Patrick Mordaunt (5 points)
11. Rhys Millen (5 points)