[COVERAGE] FD Texas: Light At The End Of The Tunnel by Larry Chen


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Passion – it’s the common element that binds different generations of automotive enthusiasts. So whether it’s slammed, chopped, Pebble Beach Concours, stance, WRC, NASCAR, JDM or Formula 1 – as long as you have a passion for it, it’s always right. While I love anything and everything car related, drifting is in my blood and – much to my delight – has become a worldwide phenomenon amongst a rabid generation of car nuts.

When I recently missed a round of Formula Drift, you know I must have had a good reason – and I did. Instead of being trackside to watch cars going sideways, I was bedside to watch the birth of my first child. That little pause in the action, so to speak, gave me a new appreciation for what the FD paddock has to offer. Let me explain…


These are the little moments that I cherish. Professional racing driver Tyler McQuarrie and father of three wonderful rugrats showing me a sandwich with his name on it. A drifter has got to eat right? Now we just have one more thing in common – we can share stories of our kids. Which made me think: when did I become a grown up?


Tyler told me that his four-year-old watches him on the livestream and also on television when the FD coverage airs. Not only that, but his son knows every single driver by name and has memorized all their stats like a true drift fan.


Of course, it’s not surprising that being a son of a racing driver he would be into the same things that his dad is, but Tyler went on to tell me that his son does not really follow traditional wheel-to-wheel racing as closely, even though that’s the code his father mainly competes in.


This new generation of car culture enthusiast has the task of keeping the sport they love alive and well. I’m trying to do my bit by showcasing what Formula Drift is really about.


My quest is to document the camaraderie, competition, hardships and triumphs that the drivers go through as they follow their dreams.


I want to show the world the beauty of a perfect drift, and the violence that is a 1000hp machine destroying tire after tire.


There is just something so right about a big, thick cloud of smoke trailing behind a monster drift car.


Do you see the beauty in it all? At one point I was on the sidelines too, but it’s always been this way for me.


Eleven years ago I was in the stands at California Speedway watching D1GP vs USA. I sat on the edge of my seat witnessing Forsberg, Taka, Hiro and all the drivers that have become my friends, battle it out with the Japanese legends like Manabu Orido and Ken Nomura. I became hooked.


Now all the Formula Drift drivers have become legends in their own right. Fans from all over the world come to these events just to meet their favorite drifters. It’s absolutely beautiful.


Last weekend’s sixth round Formula Drift stop at Texas Motor Speedway produced the second ever win for Speedhunters driver, Fredric Aasbø. He will be going into more detail about his battle to the top in an upcoming driver blog.


Second place went to Odi Bakchis, who is fast becoming a threat to the rest of the Formula Drift field. If he continues to drive the way he has been this season, he will seriously be in contention for the championship next year.



As soon as the new judging guidelines were released – with speed now taking a backseat to style – I knew that Forrest Wang would excel. Forest throws his S-chassis in with more angle than everyone else on the grid, and does so with grace, and I know we will see him on the podium more often now. He took his second 3rd place overall finish in Texas.