Formula DRIFT Texas 2016 Coverage By Super Street Magazine

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Matt Field storms to first FD career win in the DriftCave S14; Chris Forsberg in NOS Energy 370Z inches closer to third title


It warms our hearts every time Formula DRIFT shuts down the haters. The latest vindication comes from Round 7 at Texas Motor Speedway, the penultimate event of the 2016 season, where the tandem action was so evenly spread, competitors so equally matched, cars so ridiculously close to one another, we wouldn’t blame you if you were watching and literally on the edge of your seat for the entire contest. Ok, so yeah, it’s still a drag race – FD cars are powerful and fast, we get it – but with the judges encouraging chase drivers to take the gloves off and be aggressive, we saw a lot of wheelmen take the urging to heart and put the noses of their cars right up in other guys’ business.