Forrest Wang Returns To Formula DRIFT

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Over the past few days, there has been quite a lot of discussion regarding Forrest Wang and his departure from the Series. Formula DRIFT has held off on making a public statement because we first wanted to talk to Forrest and ensure we understood his perspective and view on the situation before addressing it. It’s important to the Series that when we make public statements we do so with all the possible information available, and talking to Forrest was key before we made a public announcement. As of Tuesday, June 21st, we have had the opportunity to speak to Forrest. It was a very productive conversation. Media outlets, drifting reporters and fans have gone very far and deep in discussing the result of the Forrest Wang/Chris Forsberg head-to-head match, which has led many to believe that this incident was his core reason for leaving the Series. No matter what side you take on the topic, what’s important regarding this message is our conversation with Forrest. 

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From Bare Shell To Podium: Inside The Mustang RTR By Speed Hunters / Larry Chen

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From the outside looking in, building a professional drift car may seem simple. Slap in a roll cage, add a big-angle kit and power it up with a fire-breathing motor. That’s it, right?

Well, that seemed like the case about 10 years ago. Now, if you are not spending countless hours building, developing and testing a new platform, then good luck being competitive. Professional drifting has changed so much over the past few years, and to highlight that fact Vaughn Gittin Jr. wanted to show us what he had to go through to get it all to work out with the brand new Ford Mustang.

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Formula Drift Pro 2 – Orlando Coverage By

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The Formula Drift Pro 2 season continued for Round 2 in Central Florida at Orlando Speed World (OSW) Oval Track. Hot as hell and always with the potential to rain, Pro 2 in Orlando would prove to be more interesting than some thought of Atlanta. Georgia brought the wet conditions prior to Pro 2 competition, leaving drivers with little time to shakedown before taking on the Road Atlanta hill, not the case for this very dry and hot day. Drivers kicked up the competition we got a hot round of Formula Drift Pro 2 Top 16.


Donovan Brockway and Matt Madrigali line up on grid for practice. Both drivers would end up making the competition show.


Staying cool in the heat was paramount for drivers. Sometimes the heat makes us do things… Looking good, Trent Beechum.


Rookie Pro 2 driver Sheng Ng Nian from Singapore in his JZX100 Chaser looked like a force to be reckoned with throughout practice and qualifying, even without the sponsorship level of his competitors. This isn’t the Japanese Chaser cup, so we welcome these 4-door monsters in the U.S. 1000hp? Yes. Built by Powervehicles? Yes indeed.