Hibino’s Formula Drift Japan GT-R

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My next spotlight from the recent R’s Meeting takes us from a built-up drag R33 to anothersan-san, this one transformed into a drift machine.

This is Tetsuya Hibino’s Formula Drift Japan machine, which I can safely say looked like nothing else in the Fuji Speedway paddock on the day.


Built by Rush Motor Sports in Gifu Prefecture, it’s the first pro-spec drift car I’ve ever seen based on a BCNR33 chassis. The exterior mixes a stock look with factory front and rear bumpers and massively widened front fenders to accommodate a huge amount of steering angle.


The R33 sits on Mikado Hayabusa wheels, which look very different to any design we’ve ever seen come out of Japan in the past.

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FD Japan: The Right Formula by Larry Chen

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It may surprise you guys, but up until very recently I had never shot a professional drifting event in Japan. Sure, I’ve visited the Land of the Rising Sun dozens of times for the Tokyo Auto Salon and sportscar racing, but never a D1 Grand Prix event. Ironically though, my first taste of pro drift in this country was not at a D1GP round, but Formula Drift Japan held at Fuji Speedway a couple of weekends ago.


A few years ago I would never have imagined that a Formula Drift event would – or could – be held in Japan.

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