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Captain’s Log Day 6: main event day into night into morning to airport..from Jim

The team arrived on-site for the sun even came up. We knew that it would be a hard and long day but we were excited to see how the competition unfolded. Some of the Malaysians adapted to the course the quickest and had some of the highest entry speeds. I’ll leave the details of the competition to the media that was there. At the end Ryuji Miki, Tengku Djan and Mad Mike stood on the podium. All the heat and sweat was well worth it for all of us as we made drifting history as we staged the largest drifting event in Asia; the event was sold out to 11,000 fans! This event will set the precedent for future drifting events in Asia. Formula D has a long term commitment and partnership with Binter the event promoter and there will be more FD in Asia to come!

Of course after our 13 hour day at the track, we went back to the hotel, showered up and got ready to go eat. But we had to watch the start of the F1 race. Same thing, we were fat asses, went and devoured local food. Back to the hotel, passed out and woke up to head to the airport.

Thanks for following along! I am jet-lagged so.. I’ll just go lay down now.

Before sunrise

Sunrise from the Judging tower

Stands packed and fence line was 4 deep 9920 = and wrapped around the entire course

The judging stand hard at work

Podium Ryuji Miki winner, Tengku Djan 2nd and Mad Mike 3rd

Crazy paparazzi but no worries Jayke from Wrecked Magazine, you are taller than all of them

Ryan and I and Marcus from Binter in the background

Before heading out for food, we sat at the hotel bar and watched the start of the F1 race. Notice the burnt and dark faces.

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