Red Bull Drifting WC – Friday’s Recap


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I woke up late on Friday (blame the open bar at the “Draw Party), feeling a bit hung over but very optimistic about seeing the drivers hit the track at full speed.

I can’t get enough of Mad Mike’s FD, the car sound unique, almost like a formula 1 car

I got there so late that I only got to see the media ride along 🙁 – bummed.

BELL brought out some neat helmets

Niezen was killin’ it during the ride along!

Tanaka Racing’s Corvette is “hella” loud! – wish they had the Z06 instead :X

And before you know it, media ride along was finito! – by the way, notice the Moto X helmets!? love it

Ceso & Steve – Play HARD – Work HARD

Brian, Ryan & Jim – taking a break to read the Front Page article about Formula Drift x Red Bull

Quick walk around the paddock…

A lot of show cars at this event… Check some out HERE


Ceso – have some manners for the camera kiddo!

Pro AM qualifying started right after the Media Ride along

Everywhere I go, there was a Red Bull sign….

Mad Mike keeping an eye out at the Pro AM drivers, a lot of Wrecks as well….

Oh, there goes one… Shattered glass flew out 10 feet deep into the grandstand. Drivers were going all OUT!

If you went to the event, you know this was the place to be! Red Bull Energy Station

Right before the sunset, John, Ryhs, Eric (Ryhs team MGR) and I chatted a bit about the Hyundai Project…
Could this Hyundai be Ryhs replacement of the Pontiac Solstice GXP?

That concluded Friday’s Recap. The drivers got their first taste of a high speed entry to a right hand sweeper… Some drivers reached 108mph during practice and some drivers punished the wall as well…
Usually Formula Drift have Qualifying on Friday, but this event was a 3 day event so they let the Pro AM drivers do their qualifying on Friday, that way Pro AM can do tandem on SAT at the AM??? But Sunday was dedicated to the MAIN EVENT! TOP 32 drivers.

check out the high resolution images at my Flickr! (Slide Show by Clicking HERE!)


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