Formula DRIFT Preparations for Long Beach


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Ah Long Beach…… less than two weeks out and the heat really starts to pour on. I was telling my buddy the other day that from two-three weeks out from the season you basically except the fact that your life for the next eight months basically becomes 100% drifting. The weekends leading up are usually filled with pre-events (this weekend we have Tech Day and then some of us are going to be in down town Long Beach for the bike Festival) and the week days are long hours preparing and making sure you have every piece of production and every last autograph pen for the drivers. It’s an interesting gig to say the least, but none of us would do it if we didn’t love it. It’s hard not to get stressed and anxious when an event comes around. It seems to be a natural feeling I think many people get when you prepare to put your work out to the public. The big obvious difference is that unlike an artist that knows exactly what his piece will look like, our “canvas” is essentially only partly finished because we have that little added piece of artwork called competition. The drivers are the real art and FD is the canvas so the product isn’t truly finished until the trophy ceremony concludes. Oh and a little secret, we are building custom carbon fiber trophies this year. They look just like the original ones but are completely carbon fiber. Pretty sick actually.

Anyway, this weekend we have two events we are participating in and/or organizing. First is the Tech Day at the Rancho UTI campus. It is free to the public and will be way bigger than last year. Most every car will be there receiving their technical inspection, but it will also be a real live event. Jarod will be on hand and the Drift Zone will be broadcasting live so you can tune in to the internet to get the feed. We will put it up on this blog too later. Second event is actually on the same day down here in Long Beach. We will be exhibiting at the Long Beach bike festival. This is free too so if you are local to Long Beach and don’t head up to UTI , come chill with us. But I encourage you to go to Tech Day if you can. It’s actually a pretty cool vibe.