Round 3: Final Four Round-by-Round LIVE


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Ken Gushi vs. Darren McNamara. Gushi leads and gives a good line and DMAC sticks to the door of Gushi. Amazing run! DMAC leads off with Ken Gushi giving chase. DMAC pulls away. DMAC advances to the Finals.

Tyler McQuarrie vs. Vaughn Gittin. Falken battle with McQuarrie leading and stays nice and high with a great line. Gittin chases close. McQuarrie goes shallow in the 2nd part of the figure 8. 2nd run. Gittin leads and runs a clean and fast line…McQuarrie aggressively sticks to the bumper…McQuarrie corrects…Gittin advances and heads into the Finals.

Consolation Round for 3rd place. Gushi vs McQuarrie. Gushi has great line on the bank…McQuarrie shoots in fast on Gushi and runs off-course a bit. McQuarrie leads and creates a gap on the bank. McQuarrie comes in shallow but Gushi is far behind. One More Time! Gushi leads and both cars stay high on the bank and good line through the course…McQuarrie sticks to the door…wheels touch. 2nd run of the OMT. McQuarrie with a great run. McQuarrie wins 3rd place.