Round 3: Great 8 Competition Round by Round LIVE


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Ken Gushi vs. Taka Aono. Gushi leads and keeps a smooth line and Aono gives chase. A little gap between the 2 cars. Aono leads and has great angle…Gushi stays close…Aono corrects…Gushi advances into the Semi-Finals.

Darren McNamara vs. Samuel Hubinette. DMAC leads and Hubinette gives a close chase and sticks to the DMAC. Good battle. Hubinette leads and stays high on the bank and DMAC sticks super close to Hubinette’s car. AMAZING! DMAC sticks on his door. DMAC advances into the semi-finals!

Battle of the 350Z. Tyler McQuarrie vs. Chris Forsberg. Another great battle with Forsberg sticking close to McQuarrie, but McQuarrie had amazing speed, while Forsberg washes out on the transition. 2nd run Forsberg leads and McQuarrie stays very close shadowing Forsberg. Tyler McQuarrie gets the win and moves into the Semi-Finals.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. Robbie Nishida. Gittin leads into the bank and stays high, Nishida stays tight. Nishida goes a little shallow and his car shuts down. Seems to have lost a gear and heads int the pits. 5 min rule called. Nishida withdraws due to mechanical failure. Gittin moves on to the Final 4.

Final Four coming up..stay tuned.