Round 3: Top 16 Competition Round by Round


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Round-by-Round updates will be on this blog post for the Top 16. Also be sure to follow Formula DRIFT on Twitter for more!

Ken Gushi vs. Ross Petty – Petty’s car breaks down giving Gushi the win.

Taka Aono vs. Pat Mordaunt – The first run was close and second run was close…the judges ask for the drivers to stick closer together and give the fans what they want to see. One More Time as it was too close to call. In the OMT battle Pat spins on the first run. Close 2nd battle, but it’s not enough and Taka Aono moves on.

Darren McNamara vs. Ryuji Miki – Great close 1st run. Darren chases. 2nd run..DMAC gives chase on Ryuji Miki. Miki not looking too good on the 2nd run. DMAC sticks close. McNamara moves on to the Great 8.

Tony Brakohiapa vs. Samuel Hubinette. Hubinette gives a great first run – staying close to the clipping points…Tony B leads in the 2nd run. Hubinette gives chase on the bank…Tony B taps the wall and loses control and gives the win to Samuel Hubinette.

Tyler McQuarrie vs. Kenji Yamanka. Tyler initiates early on the bank…Yamanaka goes aggressive and goes wide…McQuarrie pulls ahead. Kenji leads and both drivers go fast on the bank…Tyler adjusts a bit then goes back after Kenji…too close One More Time. Both drivers go to paddock to switch out their tires. The action continues. Tyler gets close to railing and high on the bank…great angle and lots of smoke…Yamanaka stays behind…good run by both. Yamanka leads and McQuarrie stays super close…wheel to wheel action…McQuarrie moves on to the Great 8.

Justin Pawlak vs. Chris Forsberg. Both drivers are fast and high on the bank…Forsberg sticks to JTP’s bumper…lots of smoke and amazing run by both. Forsberg leads and JTP chases…Forsberg high on the bank and JTP catches up on the transition and sticks to the rear tire of Forsberg…great driving! Chris Forsberg advances after an amazing battle.

Rhys Millen vs. Robbie Nishida. Rhys leads and has more angle. Robbie comes up behind. Good run. Robbie leads and Rhys sticks close to the bumper of Robbie. Lots of smoke and very fast run from both. Too close to call. One more time. Drivers go to change tires. 1st run on the OMT. Rhys and Robbie stay close and both give good runs. 2nd run Robbie leads and Rhys sticks close. The judges can’t decide and each has a different decision. One more time. Changing tires again. Rhys leads and Rhys straightens out…looks like he broke something. Rhys heads directly to the start line and chases Nishida. Millen seems to have steering problems. Robbie Nishida moves on.

Vaughn Gittin vs. Joon Maeng. Gittin leads and stays high on the bank…Maeng gives chase and catches up to Gittin’s bumper. Maeng gets aggressive! 2nd run Maeng leads. Maeng keeps a strong line and Gittin catches and sticks close. Close battle. Vaughn Gittin moves on after a great battle!

We head into the Great 8!