Round 5: Breaking Point Final Four LIVE


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Round 1: Vaughn Gittin vs. Eric O’Sullivan. Vaughn leads and rides the wall. Eric stays on him. Eric surged on and looks like he mis-shifted and goes a bit shallow and off-track. Run 2. Eric leads and there is a major crash on the bank with the 2 cars. Eric’s car is stuck on the bank, while Vaughn drives off. Judges deliberate the cause of the crash…Eric O’Sullivan advances (but his car may not be able to continue).

Note the winner of the next round with Chris Forsberg and Tyler McQuarrie will determine the winner of the event if Eric O’Sullivan can not continue.

It’s official this next battle is for 1st place.

Round 2: Chris Forsberg vs. Tyler McQuarrie. Tyler pulls away from Chris. Good run by both, but Tyler had a gap lead. Run 2. Chris leads and Tyler sticks to Chris. Tyler stalls at the transition off the bank and Chris continues with the run. Chris Forsberg wins the round adn the event!

Consolation Round for Third Place. Vaughn Gittin vs. Tyler McQuarrie. Tyler leads and rides the wall and Vaughn stays behind. Tyler with great angle and Vaughn comes up close. Run 2. Gittin leads both ride the wall. Tyler on Vaughn’s door. Great run! Tyler gets the win and third place.