Round 5: Breaking Point Great 8 LIVE


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We continue to the Great 8 competition.

Run 1: Ryan Tuerck vs. Vaughn Gittin. Tuerck leads ands Vaughn shadows him through the course. Great run by both. Run 2. Vaughn leads with a very early initiation, but Tuerck sticks to his door through the rest of the run. Amazing. Vaughn Gittin moves on.

Round 2: Eric O’Sullivan vs. Tony Brakiohiapa. Tony B leads and Eric goes aggressive and taps Tony on the bank and spins out. Tony finishes. Run 2. Eric leads and Tony very low on the bank. Sloppy run by both. One More Time.

Run 1 in OMT. Tony leads stays high on the bank. Eric stays tight. Tony goes wide and Eric slides past him. Run 2 in OMT. Eric leads creates a gap. Tony slides wide in the power alley. Eric moves on.

Round 3: Ross Petty vs. Chris Forsberg. Ross leads and lays down a lot of smoke and angle. Chris goes door to door with Ross. Great run! Run 2. Chris leads and rides the wall super fast. Ross tries to catch up but goes off line a bit. Chris Forsberg advances to Final 4.

Round 4: Samuel Hubinette vs. Tyler McQuarrie. Sam pulls away and sticks to the wall on the bank. Tyler plays catch up entire run. Run 2. Tyler leads and rides the wall with Sam going a bit shallow and now Sam plays catch up. Tyler McQuarrie advances.

Final 4 in next blog post.