Round 6: Locked and Loaded Top 32 LIVE


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We are here LIVE at Infineon Raceway for Round 6: Locked and Loaded. Formula DRIFT has joined the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma weekend. The Live Results bracket can be found HERE.

Round 1: Katsuhiro Ueo vs. Jeff Jones. Run1. Ueo leads and Jeff Jones tries to chase him down. Run 2. Jones leads and Ueo follows closely behind. Ueo Advances.

Round 2: Pat Mordaunt vs. Darren McNamara. Pat leads and Dmac gives chase and stays nicely behind him. Run 2. Dmac leads and iniates early. Pat goes wide then catches up to Dmac’s door. Dmac advances.

Round 3: Ken Gushi vs. Robbie Nishida. Gushi leads and swings it through the teardrop with Nishida following. Run 2. Nishida leads with Gushi right behind with a clean line. Great run. Ken Gushi advances.

Round 4: Eric O’Sullivan vs. Dai Yoshihara. Yoshihara leads and O’Sullivan spins out behind him. Run 2. O’Sullivan leads and Dai chases him down through the teardrop. Dai moves on to the Top 16.

Round 5: Rhys Millen vs. Ron Ewerth. Rhys leads and Ewerth spins on the first iniation point. Run 2. Ewerth leads and Rhys sticks it to him through the hairpin. Rhys advances.

Round 6: Tyler McQuarrie vs. Kenji Yamanaka. McQuarrie calls for 5 mins with a problem to his cam sensor. McQuarrie fails to make it to the line in time. Yamanaka does a bye run and will advance to the Top 16.

Round 7: Alex Pfeiffer vs. Cody Parkhouse. Pfeiffer leads and keeps a distance throughout the run with Parkhouse trying to play catch-up. Run 2. Parkhouse through the first drift goes really wide and Pfeiffer slides past as Parkhouse goes off course. Pfeiffer moves on.

Round 8: Matt Powers vs. Tanner Foust. Powers leads and Foust sticks to his door through the course. Run 2. Foust leads and creates a large gap in the entire run with Powers trying to catch up. Foust moves on.

Round 9: Ryuji Miki vs. Taka Aono. Miki leads and Taka gives chase. Miki creates a gap towards the end of the run. Run 2. Taka leads and Miki chases closely. Taka goes wide in the teardrop. Miki moves on.

Round 10: Tony Brakohiapa vs. Kyle Mohan. Tony B leads and Mohan gives a close chase sticking to his door at the last clipping point. Run 2. Mohan leads and Tony sticks close through the teardrop. Great run for both. One More Time.

Run 1 in OMT. Tony B leads and Kyle chases going a bit wide on the first turn. Run 2 in OMT. Kyle leads and Tony B goes hot and makes a big correction on the first run. Kyle moves on to the Top 16.

Round 11: Ryan Tuerck vs. Samuel Hubinette. Tuerck leads and is a little shallow through the first turn in the hairpin. Run 2. Hubinette leads and Tuerck goes in very hot and makes a huge correction. Sam moves on to the Top 16.

Round 12: Bill Sherman vs. Yasu Kondo. Bill Sherman has broke a rocker arm. Kondo does a bye run and Kondo moves on.

Round 13: Chris Forsberg vs. Calvin Wan. Forsberg leads and Calvin sticks to his door. There is contact. Chris exits the track with something broken on his car. 5 mins is called by Forsberg. Wow great work by the Forsberg team and he will make it to the line in time to start the 2nd run. More deliberation by the judges and going over a rules issue as Forsberg feels his car is not able to run. Run 2. Calvin leads Chris chases, but Calvin straightens and corrects, but Forsberg spins at the last clipping point. One More Time is called by the judges.

Run 1 in OMT. Forsberg leads and Calvin chases but goes really shallow. Calvin then passes on the inside on the last clipping point as Chris goes wide. Run 2 in OMT. Wan leads but is shallow and Chris gives chase but a small correction. Calvin Wan moves on.

Round 14. Stephan Verdier vs. Kazu Hayashida. Run 1 Verdier leads and Hayashida chases through the course. Run 2. Hayashida leads and Verdier comes in tight in the teardrop. Verdier moves on.

Round 15. Vaughn Gittin vs. Ross Petty. Vaughn leads and Petty goes hot and spins on the initial first sweeper. Run 2. Petty leads and goes wide, but Vaughn is right there on his bumper. Vaughn moves on to the top 16.

Round 16. Justin Pawlak vs. Michael Essa. Pawlak leads and has great angle as Essa gives chase. Essa spins! Run 2. Essa leads but Pawlak sticks to him like glue and finishes off the run. Pawlak advances.

**OMT re-run of Chris Forsberg vs. Calvin Wan. Forsberg leads and Wan goes hot through the first turn. Forsberg straightens out after being hit. 5 mins called by Wan. Run 2. Calvin leads Chris through the teardrop. Chris stays with him. Chris advances to the Top 16.

The action continues tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned!