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Formula DRIFT Memorandum

Date: August 22, 2009
Re: Decision regarding tandem match-up between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan

Due to various external communications based on poor information from unqualified sources, Formula Drift has issued the following clarification ruling regarding the Round of 32 match-up between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan.

– On the first run of the head to head match-up contact was made between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan. Calvin Wan, who was chasing, was deemed at fault for the contact. Subsequently Chris Forsberg’s car was damaged. Specifically a lower control arm was broken.
– Chris Forsberg Racing enacted the 5 Minute Rule via their spotter; legally per the guidelines of the Formula Drift rulebook.
– The 5 Minutes expired and Chris Forsberg Racing brought the vehicle back to the line to run the second run of the head to head match-up.
– The judges’ decision was One More Time.
– Chris Forsberg Racing asked for a second 5 Minute and was denied by the Chief Steward
– The match continued and Calvin Wan was deemed the victor.
– 8 minutes past the expiration of the Head-to-Head battle Chris Forsberg Racing filed a legal protest deeming that they were unjustly refused additional time to fix their vehicle according Appendix E/”5 Minute Time Out” of the 2009 Formula DRIFT Rulebook. Chris Forsberg Racing stated that there is no provision that would NOT allow additional time if the team requests and that the Chief Steward can allow for additional time to fix the vehicle if deemed warranted.
– The protest by Chris Forsberg Racing was deemed legal and valid and that additional time should have been allowed which would have easily repaired the minor issue with the car
– The Chief Steward ruled to run the One More Time battle between Chris Forsberg and Calvin Wan.

Formula DRIFT understands that this is a rare and isolated incident and in no way sets precedent for “Re-runs”. This is an example of a team properly using the protest provision on a non-subjective call and finding error in a specific ruling by a Formula DRIFT official.
Any questions and comments, can be addressed to Randy Hembrey, Jim Liaw, or Ryan Sage. Contacts are listed on the Formula DRIFT website.